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Relentless Pursuit of Perfection is a drilling performance consultancy. Our goal is to help you reduce cost and risk throughout the well delivery process.

Through our Facilitation of particularly important events such as DWOP’s (drill well on paper), TWOP’s, CWOP's HAZOP studies, After action reviews, teambuilding and alignment, challenge sessions, Project kick off, benchmarking, gap analysis, cultural awareness and peer review we work to build high performing teams that are culturally aware. By creating the correct environment (we call it The Enabling Environment) where people are encouraged and motivated to speak – and be part of the team.

Through our Coaching programme we provide experienced coaches to assist in both the office and well site. People are always the most important asset but we also need strong systems and we work with you to install these in your team. By providing objective measures and KPI’s - together with the necessary review mechanisms we help the team to keep focused on priorities.


Re-establishing a personal touch to recruiting our refreshingly simple approach involves using the latest technology to reach out to the highest calibre candidates globally. Through an extensive industry experience honed over three decades we fully understand that employers reduce their operating costs by employing the right people. Building strong personal relationships with both employers and potential candidates ensures that our skill pool management process never falls short of enabling the best candidate placements.


The technical discussion forum for well delivery teams worldwide. Check out our exciting drilling site. All those queries you may have – ask thousands of drilling professionals worldwide. You are able to tap into the knowledge base that has been operating for 10 years now. If you have an engineering problem, someone, somewhere, will either have already answered the same question or they will respond online to your query. The site is completely free and all we ask is that you involve yourself – help others to help yourself.

Questions relating to all stages of drilling - e.g. Cementing - Fluids & mud – Casing - QHSE – Logging -Testing – Completions – Workers - Abandonments

Questions relating to difficult and challenging wells – HPHT – MPD - Salt – Deepwater – remote land – directional drilling

Questions relating to all professions – Drilling Engineering – QHSE – Performance and Technical Limit – Well Control – Logistics - Subsea


Evolving from the true pioneering spirit of this new website offers interactive guides and maps covering every major country with a significant earth resource industry. We tell you as it is by compiling data from reputable industry and government sources. In addition we bring you the ability to compile your own employment agency job history, and to rank your respective experiences. Our database generates interactive user defined charts allowing you to find the recruitment agencies that best match your personal requirements, thereby avoiding a trial and error process.

Drillers Calculations as far as we know is the only oilfield website that can deploy Mathcad worksheets online. Use these web based calculation sheets to carry out a variety of Drilling calculations, knowing that if you use the correct inputs, you will get the correct outputs. You can assure yourself of this by looking at the formulae used and all intermediate results – you can audit them for yourself.

We’re open to suggestions for new worksheets. Please send an email to with your ideas.

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