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Another successful year of workshops

As most of you will be aware, drillers.com is owned and operated by Relentless Pursuit of Perfection Limited (rp²). At the time of writing (December 2018), rp² is at the end of what has been almost a record year.

By the end of the year, we will have performed 36 workshops, one less than our record year of 37 in 2014. We all remember that 2014 was the end of the last boom period, and we hope that the increase in activity in 2018 is a precursor of the next boom.

This year, we have worked in 17 countries, and here are a few highlights:

  • Our UK coaches impressed to the extent that they were retained for a new-start rig.
  • A 17-day technical assessment in Queensland by one of our coaches has resulted in a $330k per well saving, well-on-well.
  • A safety & efficiency technique that we suggested was incredibly successful. The result was that the drilling company is implementing it across their fleet, on a global basis.

Our hands-on experience just this year covered:

Drilling, Risk Assessments, Completions, Abandonments, Testing, Peer Reviews, AARs, HAZOPs, MPD, UDW, land, jack-ups, drillship, semis, platforms, and USA Unconventional…

We now have the coaching and training workforce to cover 100+ workshops a year.

We understand that a one-size-fits-all training course may not suit everyone, so let us do the ground-work for you.

The combination of current excess capacity and success at the highest levels leads us to offer an expanded opportunity to the industry. We now provide bespoke oil and gas training courses, workshops and seminars.

Unlike most available courses that are either online, or held by teachers, we offer instruction by people that have just got their hands dirty. We’ve nothing against classrooms and lecturers, and they play an essential part in the business. But, if you have something unique and specific to train your people on, we’re the company to use.

Drillers.com has 22 years of experience at the high-end technical level. rp² has 19 years in workshop and training facilitation. Many of the top people involved in both ventures are still available to help your organisation improve.

We don’t offer oil and gas safety training certification but can help with almost everything else. Our new offerings range from workshop based safety training to practical wellsite/oilfield coaching. These are in addition to all of the technical seminars mentioned on this page.

Here’s a list of our most popular workshop outlines:

  • Drill-well-on-paper (DWOP)
  • Test-well-on-Paper (TWOP)
  • Complete Well-on-paper (CWOP)
  • Supply-well-on-paper (SWOP)
  • Start-up Field on Paper (SUFOP)
  • Crew Inductions / Team-building
  • Risk Assessments
  • Safety Plans
  • Design & Objective Review Sessions.
  • Risk and Opportunity Workshops; Programme and Well-specific
  • Audits & Reviews
  • Knowledge Management
  • Project Washup
  • 1-2 day Workshops to develop relationships and tailor the methodology to the ‘personality’ of each team
  • ½ – 1 day ‘Unleashing potential’ Seminars for all team members

Whatever oil and gas training that you have in mind, right now, can be accommodated by us. Fill in the online form below to receive personal contact directly from one of our top people. We can pull together the necessary subject matter experts to provide bespoke training, especially for your companies’ needs.

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