James G. Murphy Co., renowned for its leadership in commercial and industrial auctions, is set to host the NXT TELCOM – ONLINE AUCTION. The event will spotlight a range of top-tier, diverse, and reliable drilling equipment, aligning with the company’s commitment to offering a comprehensive inventory to a wide segment of industry professionals worldwide.

James G. Murphy Co.: A Reputation Built on Professionalism and Success

Since its establishment in 1970, James G. Murphy Co. has carved out a distinct niche in the auction industry, underpinned by trust, professionalism, and a track record of successful events. The company, operating from its base in Marysville, WA, conducts an average of 100 auctions annually, a testament to its capabilities and proficiency in organising events that range from heavy equipment sales to office furniture auctions.

Their work ethos is guided by the notion that “90% of an auction takes place before the sale”. This approach underscores the meticulous preparation and attention to detail that James G. Murphy Co. invests in planning and setting up each auction.


Scheduled to start at 10:00 AM on Thursday, January 25 and end at 10:00 AM on Thursday, February 1, the NXT TELCOM – ONLINE AUCTION is expected to attract a wide audience. The auction stands out for its emphasis on drilling equipment, specifically directional drilling equipment.

Directional drilling, a method that enables drilling at various angles instead of only vertically, holds significant importance across different industries including oil and gas extraction, infrastructure development, and more.

The Vermeer D23X30 III Directional Drill

The auction will feature a vast collection of drilling models, with the Vermeer D23X30 III Directional Drill at the forefront. This model is recognised for its accuracy and dependable performance, making it a valuable asset in the drilling industry. Bidders will have the option to choose from various model years of this drill, thereby offering a range of choices to meet their specific requirements.

Auctions: Platforms for Trade

Beyond their function as marketplaces for buying and selling, auctions present platforms for competition and discovery. While conventional auctions offer an experience in their own right, online auctions like the NXT TELCOM – ONLINE AUCTION take this experience to a virtual platform, making it accessible to a wider audience and connecting industry professionals from around the globe.

Expectations for the NXT TELCOM – ONLINE AUCTION

As with their previous auctions, James G. Murphy Co. will ensure a seamless experience for participants. This involves a detailed pre-sale preparation of each item to ensure that they are presented in their best possible condition. This not only enhances the perceived value of each auction but also enables bidders to make informed decisions.

In addition to their preparation efforts, the team at James G. Murphy Co. will utilise a variety of promotion strategies to keep potential bidders apprised and ready for the event. From updates on their website to announcements across various media outlets, bidders are always kept up to date.

The NXT TELCOM – ONLINE AUCTION, aligned with these practices, promises a well-organised event featuring a wide range of drilling industry equipment. This event underscores the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality equipment through an efficient and reliable process.

James G. Murphy Co. continues to uphold its position as an industry leader in the auction industry. The NXT TELCOM – ONLINE AUCTION is a testament to this, promising a professional and efficient platform for bidders to secure top-tier drilling equipment. The event is one that industry professionals and drilling enthusiasts should consider participating in.

Keep an eye out for further updates on this event and prepare for an auction experience that meets the highest of industry standards.

Fore more information you can download this brochure.


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