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If you're looking to streamline your drilling operations and achieve better results, look no further than Merlin. Speak to one of our industry leading engineers today and discuss your next project.

Merlin Methodology

Continuous improvement cycle

Clients leverage our knowledge and techniques to make challenging wells simple, marginal projects economical and problematic operations trouble-free. Success comes from Merlin’s methodology back-to-basics systems approach that integrates engineering fundamentals with tried and tested risk management techniques. The results speak for themselves with lower drilling costs, fewer problems, more production sooner and an up-skilled workforce with ever-increasing confidence, desire and ability to design and deliver challenging wells.

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Drill Further, Faster, More Efficiently With Merlin

Merlin brings expertise, experience and energy to your drilling project. We know what works – we do it day after day, all over the globe.

Enhance Project Value

Oil, gas or hot water in the flow line is the ultimate end point. The quicker it gets there the better, as time to first sale often has a disproportionate effect on project value. Our core competence helps you reduce well duration, which gets the sellable product to market more quickly.

Improve Delivery Reliability

Drilling delays are expensive in terms of extra CAPEX and value loss through deferred sales. They can erode stakeholder confidence and affect team morale. Merlin provides delivery assurance to ensure that project milestones are met, operations are managed within budgets and there is confidence across the organisation that the team will deliver according to plan.

Apply Enabling Technology

Thinking about a managed pressure drilling system or using the latest intelligent RSS? We can help you identify the right tool for the job, from the myriad options out there to increase your effective drilling radius or manage challenges with depleted reservoirs.

Defer Abandonment

Accessing remote resources from a nearby installation is one way to sustainably improve the ultimate recovery of a field. Incremental hydrocarbons can keep facilities open longer, maximising the lifespan of an asset and avoiding the need for new facility construction.

Drill Further Without Equipment Upgrades

Increasing your drilling radius gives the subsurface team more options when planning ongoing field development. Merlin can help you define a maximum drilling radius for your facility and if necessary, help with the specification of equipment upgrades to exceed current limits in the most cost efficient manner possible.

Apply Industry-leading Best Practises

High performing teams follow procedures to integrate their learning into ongoing operations. Utilise the same tools, processes and systems employed on the world's most complex wells to assure a positive outcome for your project.

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