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Where do experts get advice?

In any topic or industry, there are places to find help and advice. Beginners ask experts and learn what to do. This happens in person, and more frequently online nowadays.  For very complex, high-level problems, even the experts can have difficulty. We know where novices can get help, but who teaches the teacher, who advises the expert?

It could be that the subject matter of the problem is of standard complication, but can be solved by a peer with different past experience. Experts who are equal in skill, knowledge and talent, can find answers from those who simply have a different life experience. A forum where this knowledge pooling takes place is invaluable and can save hours, days or even weeks of delay when faced with a unique situation.

The best online oil and gas drilling forum…

… Happens to be owned and managed by Relentless Pursuit of Perfection Ltd. The owners of this very website – drillers.com!

SPREAD has over 2000 active members, and 4000+ individual responses to almost 1000 questions. That’s an average of 4 quality answers per problem in a tightly moderated, high-level environment. SPREAD is the best place to join conversations about Oil and Gas engineering challenges.

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Still here? OK, we’ll give you a bit more insight into the forum, and you can take your time to decide.

SPREAD was created to give something back to an industry that has been good to Dave Taylor these past decades, and to his father before him. It’s free to use, and always will be.

Access is only approved as long as you are a bona fide O+G drilling professional, there are no marketers or salespeople in there. Likewise, spammers, trolls and fools are treated with zero tolerance.

All question and answer threads are carefully monitored for accuracy and relevance. Historic groups and topics are archived, ordered and easily accessible.

Rather than members randomly hoping that someone stumbles across the question and is good enough to answer, all new questions are emailed to 2000+ active subscribers.

In the rare event that a question sits unanswered, one of the moderators, or more experienced forum members will step in and make sure that an answer is sourced.

SPREAD drilling forum

It’s because of this level of dedication and QA/QC that Dave regularly receives emails like this one:

Dear Dave.

It is with regret that I ask you to remove me from your distribution, but I have now retired and just don’t seem to get the time to look at the many posts now. I have really appreciated the superb platform that you have provided to the industry for many years and I have been fortunate enough to have been signed up to it, I think, almost since its inception.

I have always encouraged my Engineers over the years to join and use SPREAD and I know they have appreciated the access to the many sources of knowledge and support that this increased and diverse network provides. This includes my son.

I wish you and your team all the success for the future and many thanks for your commitment to SPREAD.

RayDrilling Manager (retired)

That’s right, this heartwarming email came from someone who wanted to be removed from the list, after many years of being involved. Ray has encouraged many others to use the SPREAD forum, including his son.

Dave also receives comments like the one he got last recently when a new client booked his performance consultancy for a DWOP. This new client said:

Oh, you’re the people behind my-spread? Anyone who creates a resource that valuable must be a good company!

The initial reason for SPREAD wasn’t to create business for Relentless Pursuit of Perfection. We all know that as big as the oil and gas industry is, good work is noticed and rewarded from time to time.

Thank you for taking the time to read this whole page, allow us to pay you back by helping you solve your next drilling problem:

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If this is the first time that you have heard of SPREAD (my-spread.com) then click the red button to go and register, membership is free of charge.

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