14 & 28-Day Look-A-Head Drilling Planners

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Download a Valuable Tool!

We’re pleased to offer a new and original technical resource here on drillers.com. The planning spreadsheet is a revolutionary time-saving tool that will also help to prevent miscalculations. These spreadsheets are unique and incorporate highly complex logic chains so that operations can get monitored and updated against the drilling plan in a natural order.

Typically, drilling teams use a 7-day planner (the so-called ‘Look-A-head’ planner) in all operations. All versions that you’ll likely see in various projects and companies are simply basic Excel long tables. People waste valuable time typing and deleting numbers and operations. While manually filling in and updating data, it’s tough to see where a specific operation is showing up. Information gets hard to locate when it gets displayed among so many other fields.

This tool solves that problem elegantly: It comes with a clear and smart display of operation, directly framed in the calendar’s days!

Just CLICK on the arrows assigning the desired number of hours at your convenience to make your forecast. Plan the operations, and see them nicely ordering themselves in the correct day frame, and then self-updating the order and continuity to the next day. (This includes cancelling if you set the time to zero hours).

Actual Vs Plan

These planners have been created and get regularly updated to provide extra features such as additional data integration, and farther scope dates.

The latest addition is the industry famous progress graph displaying the Actual vs Plan.

As you click on the arrows to assign the time for the progress of operations, you automatically get results on the graphs ‘Depth versus Time’ for both the Plan and Actual curves. The benefit is that you can instantly see the Forecast and the Actual compared to the plan.

Here’s the interactive 14 day well drilling plan worksheet for site managers and supervisors.

Click the arrow in the top right corner to open to a new browser window. You can download the document from there, or there’s a download link just below.

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Download [249.92 KB]

A few important notes:

  • For obvious reasons, the operations are replaced with generic ones indexed so to cover the real array. The cells are unlocked and could be used to type accordingly for each user’s needs.
  • Note also the flexibility of selecting the operations and even making them disappear by reducing their time to 0 as needed. As you make changes, the next operations automatically fill the gaps so that all of the day’s activity gets described without interruption.
  • Every field value can be changed merely by clicking on the appropriate arrows, no need for any typing. However, if you want to type, the yellow cells are unlocked, and the arrows remain active, so no problem.
  • Enjoy the ‘click and hold for longer’ feature. Simulate to see the operations dancing and going for the next (or previous) days, etc., and keeping the same good order across the fourteen days.

28-Day Two Screen Planner

(Added on the 29th of April 2019)

The development of different versions of the look ahead planner continues. We now have a 28-day look ahead planner that can display on two screens. As well as being extended to 28 days, it has other advanced features, for example in the addition of a spud date, automatized by click arrows.

Some people might prefer the simpler 14-day version, so we advise that you download both planners and examine the differences. Here’s the 28-day version:

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Download [330.44 KB]

Many thanks

… To George Toma for creating these valuable resources. Please also check out the Excel spreadsheet that George created for the most commonly used drilling calculations. (As well as the extensive drillers.com hosted Mathcad worksheet collection).

This resource has recently got extended from a 7-day version to a 14-day one. George is in the process of continuing the design and feature set, and the goal is to make it extend for a full month ahead.

George created these resources for personal use, and his team members. He’s currently a drilling supervisor for Saudi Aramco in their unconventional drilling department. Previously he’s worked as drilling engineer and rig manager, and always brings determination, dedication, and creative problem-solving skills.

Why would someone spend countless hours on a spreadsheet that gives such a professional advantage, then share it with the world? Because George believes in nurturing a safer and more efficient drilling operation for everyone. As a serial innovator, he’ll always get valued, respected and be in-demand.