Independent Delivery Assurance in Drilling Operations

Engaging with Merlin allows you to access highly experienced operations specialists, working seamlessly as part of your execution team. Merlin supports swift identification and resolution of drilling risks and opportunities, assuring high performance operations with minimal downtime whilst maximising asset value.

Delivery Assurance for ERD, Complex & U-shaped Wells                    

550+ Projects Successfully Delivered in 52 Countries                   

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Independent Delivery Assurance In Drilling Operations

Merlin advisors support swift identification and resolution of drilling risks and opportunities, assuring high performance operations with minimal downtime whilst maximising asset value.

Whatever stage you’re at in your project, Merlin is ready for your call.

Why Choose Merlin for Operations Support?

Because Merlin Can…
  • Add a wealth of technical competence and hands-on experience in drilling operations to tackle operational challenges effectively.
  • Elevate team performance, operational efficiency, and overall project success, making a significant contribution to your results.
  • Respond swiftly to unforeseen challenges, thereby minimising downtime and ensuring uninterrupted drilling operations.
  • Provide in-depth analysis and performance assessments for your drilling project, enabling you to identify and address issues proactively.

How Can Merlin Help Me?

If you’ve never worked with one of Merlin’s advisors, you might not know what they’re doing out there. In a nutshell, they are there to support your drilling supervisor. Merlin advisors understand the risks and opportunities associated with your project and they have more time to spend in the doghouse, at the shakers, with the mud engineer in the lab, in the logging cabin, with the DDs, than drilling supervisors typically do.

They are there to question, interpret, consult and provide recommendations to your rig team – offering assurance to them and you that the plan is appropriate and is being executed with a level of detail which drives success.

Merlin’s first job on the rig is to get to grips with the drilling program and models and to work out where the risks and opportunities are in each phase of activity. Merlin’s advisors are on location to ask questions, interpret data, consult key personnel and then recommend an approach to the drilling supervisor which leads to efficient, low risk well operations.

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Experience By Your Side

Below you can see just a few of Merlin’s skilled operations team. With a substantial global presence, they have collaborated with independent, major, and national oil companies, establishing a track record of success.

Iain McCourt – Lead ERD Advisor

“I have 35 years’ experience in numerous drilling operations & senior engineering positions, all around the world. I deliver the full spectrum of Merlin’s services. I have always believed that personal integrity drives the highest service possible”.

Ali Blair – Engineering Manager

“I’ve been involved in drilling complex wells since 1995. I’m now responsible for making sure the advisors get the technical support they need when they are in the field. It’s satisfying when we can put the pieces of the downhole puzzle together and solve what would otherwise remain a “rig mystery”.

Al Burnett – Senior ERD Advisor

“I first went offshore in 1997 and since then I’ve been everywhere….twice! I still enjoy the challenge of getting a BHA to surface or a casing string to bottom in a difficult hole section.”

Tony Oliver – Senior ERD Advisor

“I’ve worked in drilling operations since 1994, supporting operators drilling complex wells from the office and at the rig site. I enjoy using data to paint the picture and guide the team to make the right operational decisions.”

Neil Armstrong – Engineering Director

“Our advisors are like flankers in rugby or sweepers in football; they work tirelessly to ensure that nothing gets through the gaps. They use their knowledge and expertise to identify gaps or potential drilling risks and consult with the key players at the rig site to make sure the right action is taken to avoid a train wreck. Enlightened drilling supervisors do not want to drill challenging wells without them. Their insights and recommendations ensure the plan is not just followed but finely tuned for success”.

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