Well Kill, Casing, Annulus, Balanced Plug, Drillstring Worksheet

The following spreadsheet contains tables and calculations for some of the most often used drilling calculations. To review, scroll up and down to see three pages. Zoom in on the document to review it. In the top right corner, you can click ‘pop-out’ to open in a new window. The worksheet can be downloaded from that window. The guidance notes on page 3 are also covered below for your convenience.

  1. Picking up from drop-down menus: casing sizes, DP sizes, Fluids to pump categories from the yellow cells top part of the worksheet;
  2. Type the desired depths, and they’ll be automatically shown both on Wells Drawing and Calculations areas;
  3. Adjust the Step Casing, Step DP, to play with the drawing height to accommodate the paper, and/or connect the colours for the casings in case they are not continuously;
  4. Watching the volumes/heights trends, you can easily find the right Displacement amount to get cement slurry balanced, Spacers
  5. Ahead/ Behind, or both of them, the announcement board also has a confirmation message;
  6. Same great performance visualizing the precise position for the pills you need to spot anywhere in the hole, based on the displacement;
  7. Well Control Sheets easy to make and visualize the influx removal, amounts of mud(s) pumped and very important – their position in the hole as the displacement varies;
  8. Multiple ways to check the correctness, as you can see the volumes travelling passing from a section to the next one, having more than one Totals pre-calculated and numbers matching as the hole is circulated.
  9. Most of the commonly used sizes of tubulars are pre-set in the worksheet;
  10. Easily convert the calculations from BHAs to Cementing Stingers, Casings running, Liners, etc.
  11. Mud pumps Strokes are automatically shown, based on the liners’ size you select ( triplex, 97 % efficiency);
  12. Scroll Buttons enabling easy depths set.
  13. Use VOID option and let the Density “0”… increase volume by clicking and see the Overbalance become “0” … here is the depth where the Slug falls. (Read it in cell accordingly in the field you choose, it’s the “height” in each fluid field Inner string …)

Enjoy for free, (so far :)), note also the automatic filled WELL CONTROL KILL SHEET ASSOCIATED.


This drilling worksheet was produced and shared by George Toma. George joined the oil and gas business in 1996 as a drilling engineer and has since worked in positions of drilling supervisor, rig manager for companies including Schlumberger and Hess. Currently a drilling supervisor for Saudi Aramco in their unconventional resources section.

Connect with George on Linkedin or WhatsApp +40723185296