(Written by Dave Taylor, the owner of rp², with input from Jason Lavis) A REAL Change In an industry well over 100 years old, examples of step-changes and/or paradigm shifts are...

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Best Chemical Engineering Schools 2019

Before naming the best chemical engineering schools in 2019, some viewers may ask: What do Chemical Engineers do? Chemical engineers use chemical procedures for finding inventive...

Top 10 Mechanical Engineering Schools in the U.S. (2019)

  Before listing the Top 10 Mechanical Engineering Schools in the U.S. in 2019, there are a few things that you need to understand. First, oil...

Finding an Entry-Level Oil field Job

Finding an entry-level oil field job has been hard During the recent crash, finding an entry-level oil field job has been more difficult than during...

The 10 Best Petroleum Engineering Schools (USA 2019)

NOTE: This page was first published in November 2017. We've just reviewed, edited and updated it in December 2018 ready for the 2019 entrance...

Work Safe in Times of Uncertainty

I came back to the rig sick a few days ago and since I have been under the weather for these past days, I...



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Recent milestones and updates from drillers dotcom.




Subsea Plugging & Abandonment: Light Well Intervention Vessel Overview

The Challenge I have recently been writing some articles about a keen interest of mine, Subsea Well Intervention. There is a significant focus on plug and abandonment – decommissioning in...

Finding a job in the oilfield… It’s on you!

Some LinkedIn observations There are a lot of really smart people out there looking for a job, who don’t have the foggiest idea how to...

History of Turbodrills in the Oil and Gas Industry

Turbine technology has been around for thousands of years. The very first recorded usages were in the first century AD by the Greeks. The...

Deepwater Isn’t Dead. Signs Of Life Suggest The Stage Is Being Set For A Comeback

Over the past couple weeks, we read a half dozen transcripts of earnings calls from the oil majors and national oil companies (NOCs). The big...

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