Introduction to Oil and Gas

This introductory course will provide a comprehensive and profound comprehension of the oil and gas industry. Discover the individuals and entities involved, the necessary processes, and the equipment. From conducting seismic surveys to drilling, production, logistics, and decommissioning, explore the entire scope of the industry. Additionally, to learned about the diverse companies and organizations that serve the sector. This training course is frequently utilized to onboard new employees in the oil and gas industry.




3-5 Days



Course Objective

This course aims to equip participants with fundamental knowledge on the workings of the oil and gas industry. Understand the history of its inception and current trajectory. Learn about the procedures and tactics involved in drilling and production. Explore the economics and identify the companies and organisations that sustain the industry. Additionally, take advantage of the chance to inquire about specific topics that can add value to you and your organisation

Learning Outcome

At the end of the course, the delegate will gain a basic understanding of the following:
• Oil and gas history
• Value chain and well life cycle
• Seismics and drilling rights
• Reservoir and basic geology
• Well Design Process
• Economy and strategy
• Refining and distribution
• Rig selection and environment
• Drilling rigs and equipment
• Drilling operation
• Evaluation and testing
• Production installations
• Oil and gas production
• Well maintenance
• Decommissions
• Service companies and other organizations
• Logistics
• Risk and Challenges
• Safety
• Working in the industry
• Nice to know, and next step


This course is intended for people or companies that are involved or would like join the oil and gas industry.



Soren Hartmann

Your Instructor

Soren Hartmann boasts an extensive career that spans more than three decades in the oil and gas industry. His experience encompasses a broad spectrum of operations, from deep-water to ERD urban land, in various locations worldwide. Soren's comprehensive knowledge comes from his years of serving both drilling contractors and subcontractors, which has led him to a comprehensive understanding of the industry. In the last ten years, Soren has held the role of Senior Drilling Performance Superintendent where he was integral to the design and application of a framework to enhance customer operations during both planning and execution stages. His role entailed reviewing and optimising drilling programs and procedures. He is frequently solicited for his subject matter expertise. He offers training in deep-water drilling, drilling technology, stuck pipe prevention, DWOP, and AAR. Soren holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark, and an extension in Drilling from the University of Texas at Austin.

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Introduction to Oil and Gas

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