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Jason Lavis

Serial Energy Entrepreneur. Webmaster at drillers.com. Founder of Out of the Box Innovations Ltd. Co-Founder of Natural Resource Professionals Ltd. Traveller and Outdoorsman, Husband, Father. Technology/Internet Geek.

Offshore Oil Rigs: Power, Equipment and Technology

Introduction Offshore oil and gas production involves the extraction of oil and gas from often extreme depths under the sea. Land-based drilling is much easier,...

What is Fracking, and Other Related Questions

What is fracking, and what are its environmental impacts? Let's get straight to the most important two questions for the average non-industry oil and gas...

Drill Well On Paper (DWOP) – The Gift of Foresight

Introduction: Before rigs and crews are moved into place to start drilling, the management and planning people will perform a 'Drill Well On Paper' (DWOP)....

Directional Drilling: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

What is directional drilling? Directional drilling is a broad term used to describe any boring that doesn't go in a straight line vertically down. In...


Q&A format guide On this page, we’ll cover all of the basic questions that get asked about HDPE pipe. Much of what you might find...

Radial Jet Drilling

What is Radial Jet Drilling (RJD)? It's an enhanced oil recovery (EOR) method that can be used on existing wells to stimulate further extraction. It involves...

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