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Scott Myers

Founder & CEO

About Scott

Global experience in Regional & Country Operations, Sales & Business Development & Technical positions with Halliburton, Key Energy Services and TAM International. Reputation for expanding market and revenue, growing profitability, implementing successful start-ups and turnarounds. Proven ability to develop and lead diverse, multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary and geographically dispersed teams.

Sustained client relationships/ contacts world-wide, NOC’s, IOC's and Independents; USA, Dubai & Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait, N/S Iraq, Yemen, Oman, Bahrain, Turkey, India, Pakistan, China, Indonesia, East Africa.


  • Workover Operations
  • Cementing & Casing eqp’t
  • Production Enhancement (fracturing, acidizing, water & sand control, N2
  • Coiled-Tubing
  • Service tools, DST, well-test & TCP
  • Expandable tubular
  • E-line (OH/CH) • SDL
  • Completions eqp’t & services
  • Drilling services
  • Drilling & Completion fluids
  • Industrial & Pipeline services
  • Inflatable & Swellable Packers
  • Integrated projects
  • Casing-drilling
  • Well P&A & Abandonments

New Business Development

  • Client relationship management
  • Business & Market Analyses
  • Strategic Market Positioning
  • Strategic Pricing
  • Legal Bids & Tender
  • Technical Bids & Tender
  • Financial Bids & Tender
  • Operational Bids & Tender
  • Contract Negotiations

General & Operations Management

  • P&L Management
  • Startups & turnaround
  • Strategy Development
  • Business planning
  • Capital and Operating Budget
  • Contract Execution
  • Project management
  • Revenue, cost & resource forecasting
  • Regulatory and Policy Compliance
  • Team building & People development
  • Operations Standards
  • HSE & Service Quality

Company Overview:

WellDoctors® was originally conceived in the early 2000’s. Then, as now, four very powerful forces were at work re-shaping the upstream O&G industry…

- The relentless drive towards lower costs & greater efficiencies were driving many to adopt an ‘assembly-line’ approach to their operations and their business.

- The ‘Great Crew Change’, was not only eroding the overall level of experience, but also altered the disciplinary complexion of that which remained.

- The increasingly faster pace of new technology development and adoption across all industries including upsteam O&G.

- The gradual outsourcing of activities such as technology development, asset management and project execution to oilfield service companies.

While these forces have achieved much in the way of efficiency gains, technical progress and cost reductions - the prime example being the unconventional ‘revolution’ – they have also produced a significantly wider-ranging and greater number of specialized roles within all companies. The narrowing of these roles has in turn produced an increasingly obscured view of the ‘bigger-picture’.

The answer is WellDoctors®. Nowhere is broad and 'big-picture' thinking more crucial than in workover & intervention activities, where unknowns typically outnumber the knowns. WellDoctors specializes in reducing the unkowns, reducing risk, and providing bespoke solutions for all of your workover needs.

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