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Jason Lavis

Serial Energy Entrepreneur. Webmaster at drillers.com. Founder of Out of the Box Innovations Ltd. Co-Founder of Natural Resource Professionals Ltd. Traveller and Outdoorsman, Husband, Father. Technology/Internet Geek.

SIMOPS: A Simple Definition and then a Further Explanation

SIMOPS is an abbreviation of 'simultaneous operations'. Obviously, on any well site there will be many different tasks to be done, often at the same...

What’s The Difference Between Gas Lift and gas injection?

In this latest knowledge base article, we explore the definition and processes categorized by the terms 'gas lift' and 'gas injection'. For a student...

The 10 Best Petroleum Engineering Schools (USA 2019)

NOTE: This page was first published in November 2017. We've just reviewed, edited and updated it in December 2018 ready for the 2019 entrance...

Lenin Diaz Interview

Oil and Gas Titan Interview #3 Q) You've been in the oil and gas industry a long time, how did you get started? Well that is...

‘Rope Soap and Dope’ meaning and origin

If you're new to the oil and gas industry, there will be a ton of information to learn. Some of those things don't seem...

The Differences Between NGL, BBL, BOE Oil Facts

BOE oil figures compared to BBL can be the difference between a profit and a loss Knowing the difference between a barrel of oil (BBL)...

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