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Facilitation: What Will a Facilitator Bring to Your Next Meeting?

Introduction: This article was kindly submitted to us by a writer for a corporate facilitation company. It sparked some lively debate among our team, regarding...

Drill Well On Paper (DWOP) – The Gift of Foresight

Introduction: Before rigs and crews are moved into place to start drilling, the management and planning people will perform a 'Drill Well On Paper' (DWOP)....

Radial Jet Drilling

What is Radial Jet Drilling (RJD)? It's an enhanced oil recovery (EOR) method that can be used on existing wells to stimulate further extraction. It involves...

Excellence in Delivering Performance, Ops Integrity, and Safety.

By: Eric Roth (Rig Integrity Global), Dave Taylor (Relentless Pursuit of Perfection) In this two part series, we are looking to dig deeper into the...

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