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Jason Lavis
Jason Lavishttps://ootbinnovations.com
Serial Energy Entrepreneur. Webmaster at drillers.com. Founder of Out of the Box Innovations Ltd. Co-Founder of Natural Resource Professionals Ltd. Traveller and Outdoorsman, Husband, Father. Technology/Internet Geek.

First of all, if you are reading this, then the NEW drillers.com is live and receiving visitors! If you have visited in the last year or two then we thank you for your support and patient optimism that new updates were going to start appearing here again.

Like the many DUC wells scattered across the US right now, drillers.com was created, supported, then semi-abandoned for a period of time.

There was a time when every self respecting driller would sign up to be a member of drillers.com. There was a time when if a company needed drilling staff, they would post a job vacancy here. That was the case for many years. The number of years vary according to your definition of success, but it was closer to 20 than 10. The amount of time it takes for a veteran driller to truly master the art!

Drillers.com was so important to the industry, that thousands of page views have been taking place in recent months… Even when there were no new jobs posted, and no blog posts or site changes at all!

If you are one of these hopeful visitors, that might have been disappointed, thanks for remembering us.


Drillers.com is now under new ownership, new management, and has a new development team. To say that it will surpass the old drillers.com is both an understatement, and a low bar. The reason being that back in 1996, the site was very modern and used the best of technology. Even with occasional feature additions and enhancements, it could have never been called up to date.

Now it will be. Not with bells, whistles and flashing lights… Every new feature will be added only if it is helpful, informative, or makes the site easier to use and share.

We will be looking for contributors, partners and new collaborators to make drillers.com a useful resource on the web. Just as modern technology is aiding enhanced extraction techniques and infrastructure, modern web technology can continue to help us share knowledge and experience.

Our purpose is to make your life easier, whether you are part of a drilling team, a company HR person, or someone who just likes to keep up to date on the oil and gas industry.

We hope that every time you come back to the site, there will be something new that helps you learn something, solve a problem, or even just smile a little.

Here’s to you, our favourite person right now, thanks again for coming!



  1. It would be a massive step forward if they are able to help the Professionsl Souls who are looking for Positions, yes the REAL Professionals, and are in a poor position. They are worldwide. Sadly, there are con men/women out there, and I hope you/whoever, can spot them. We need the right people in the correct Positions.
    I am now available, and, I will help any Professional, Competent, individual. And create Leaders.

  2. Hi George, thanks for stopping by and posting a comment. The people behind this website are working people just like you, doing their best to do their own jobs, and to help others too.

    Much of the world sadly is in poverty, for much longer than the downturn that we are experiencing these past couple of years. We will do our best to present the most suitable candidates for jobs that are available.

    I have to say though, to help us do this you need to help yourself. At the time of posting your comment, you have not registered, and your comment is anonymous except your name. You could be anyone? We can’t help you get work if you don’t register?

    So, action step 1:
    Register as a candidate and fill in your profile sufficiently to make it clear that you have the integrity you say you have.

    action step 2:
    Create a Gravatar account: http://en.gravatar.com/ then accociate an email address with your name. Fill out your details there. Then whenever you leave a comment on a website, the Gravatar system will automatically fill your profile picture and a link to your Gravatar account to find out more about you. Keep leaving trails of breadcrumbs across the internet to bolster your image, and possibly lead to a job role.


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