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Out of the Box Innovations Ltd. (OOTBI)

The Oil and Gas Marketing Agency with the freshest ideas. OOTBI helps consultants and companies with their internet marketing, website design, and the important job of creating a stronger online presence.


One of the few specialist online oil and gas marketing companies.

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Jason Lavis
Founder & Managing Director

About Jason

A lifelong sales & marketing craftsman, who since 2009 has plied his trade in the online arena. The founder of two start up companies in the oil and gas space and consultant to many more.

Jason believes that when he works with a partner company, he needs to deep dive into the culture and vision of the clients organisation. It’s only with intimate understanding of a business that valuable ideas, insights and pivots can flow.

Recent career highlights include being awarded Oilpro.com moderator status, and re-designing drillers.com, the very website that you’re on right now!

Jason has a valuable and in-depth knowledge of several topics that when combined are extremely powerful. His understanding of internet marketing techniques is first class. His ability to construct websites, manage social media and develop sophisticated search engine optimisation processes are phenomenal. He is truly top-quartile and class-leading in many of these attributes. Anyone within the oil and gas industry with a desire to exploit their online marketing potential should not hesitate to contact Jason.

Steve Hauxwell, MD of Earth Resource Professionals

Jane Smith

Taking care of the content was not an issue, the challenge was to keep my site attractive and reachable by a broader audience. This is where Mr. Jason came to the rescue … And believe me he is excellent … He can build, design or redesign any web page on any topic to make it easy to find in Google, Bing, etc and have a more attractive look to users.heir online marketing potential should not hesitate to contact Jason.

     Lenin Diaz, Fluids and Cementing Specialist.

Jane Smith

The Founder…

Out of the Box Innovations helps oil and gas companies with their online marketing and promotion, the goal being to create an internet omnipresence!

Commonly referred to as OOTBI, Out of the Box Innovations was founded in 2015 by Jason Lavis in the first half of the worst oil industry crash in at least 40 years. Jason spent most of his career in sales and marketing, across different industries ranging from advertising to home improvement sales.

In 2010 Jason thought:

Why am physically I selling to one person or company at a time? Because when I stop pitching, I stop producing (and earning).

At this point Jason transitioned to the internet, realising that work created and published today, will stay online producing traffic, leads and sales on an indefinite basis. Whilst this is not rocket science to most people, the realisation was an epiphany…

We can create content, and just leave it there waiting for a inbound lead…

Much of the content that is published online will not create a lead, or a sale. It’s the continued efforts in ‘planting seeds’, in different places that gradually creates business momentum.

Why Oil and Gas?

Jason started a different business with his long time friend Steve Hauxwell who has been a geologist and engineer in the oil business. His career has spanned over three decades at the top level. He shared his thoughts about the state of the recruitment section of the oil and gas business. They often shared stories about oil and gas, and internet marketing over a bottle of wine.

Steve came up with a market trouncing business formula for manpower, creating a verified candidate database using the latest online technology. This model can demonstrably save oil companies in the region of 60-90% of their recruiting costs. Jason teamed up with Steve and NatResPro was born.

When introducing NatResPro to potential clients, a similar response kept occurring, people were saying things such as:

Due to the crash we are retrenching and sadly laying people off, there is no reason to be hiring in this market. Can I ask, who created your website, it is so clean, professional and user friendly? Ours was made 10 years ago and is looking a little tired.

Well, of course Jason had made the NatResPro website himself. After three people asked almost exactly the same question, Jason saw a new business opportunity.

Then OOTBI was born…

In fact OOTBI created the new drillers.com!

That’s right, the very website that you are on right now…

OOTBI is relatively new, but is going to be the leading oil and gas marketing company one day. Just as every piece of content accumulates online to re-enforce a brand name and lead opportunities, every partner relationship helps work towards the same thing.

Jason believes in interdependence, that exponentially better results can be achieved through teamwork and collaboration.

The practical evidence of this comes with social media sharing, client referrals and recommendations. The intangible evidence comes in a gradual increase in brand awareness. Eventually, an online omnipresence is realised, you notice it when new people that you connect with already seem to know you, like an old friend.

The same principles that Jason is incorporating into OOTBI, (the business pivot, networking, niche domination, and online omnipresence), can be used for your business!

Why Out of the Box Innovations?

Timeless marketing principles that work – right out of the box


Innovations that are discovered through industry immersion and out of the box thinking.

Did your last content creator work for you in between writing about skin care and dog food?

Did your last SEO consultant create back links on irrelevant websites, that would never send useful referral visitors?

It takes a long time to learn the jargon, attitude and technical process of a new industry.

OOTBI would like you to think “I couldn’t have said it better myself”… When you simply don’t have the time to do it yourself. Submit your email to find out more.

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