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Jason Lavis
Jason Lavishttps://ootbinnovations.com
Serial Energy Entrepreneur. Webmaster at drillers.com. Founder of Out of the Box Innovations Ltd. Co-Founder of Natural Resource Professionals Ltd. Traveller and Outdoorsman, Husband, Father. Technology/Internet Geek.

Goodbye old drillers.com

Everyone knows that the old drillers.com had its day. At one time it was the most important jobs site for the whole oil and gas industry worldwide. It was the first go-to place for those who were looking to work offshore in search of new challenges.

Many of these same people visited the site up until the recent overhaul. What they found were few or no current jobs, and little new information to read. The reason for the lack of jobs has been partly due to other websites overtaking drillers.com, and partly due to the biggest oil crash for decades.

Jobs are still scarce as we all re-evaluate our position in the industry and our plans for the future.

Some people will be wondering whether to retire slightly earlier than planned. Company owners will be deciding how long they can weather the current storm. They will be considering whether to stop the bleeding now, and close shop, or whether they can come out swinging as everything recovers.

There will be others who have no choice. Some companies credit lines will be running out, and the chances of new credit will be slim as banks start to tighten their belts based on the balance sheets that they are looking at. Not just the companies in question, but their own too…

There will be others still who feel that the industry itself is finished. This supply glut has no end in sight, and as soon as prices pick up there is plenty more supply that can come online. Combine this with the fact that the general public in many countries are not just anti-fracing, but anti fossil fuel! Many do not realise that there is no alternative to fossil fuel for the foreseeable future.

All of these factors, and more, are evidence for capitulation… A market bottom…

picture of a man near an iland close to shore
No man is an island, nor is any company. Co-operation with the right people will be a survival imperative.

Whilst we are perhaps too close to the situation to be completely objective, one thing is for sure… These characteristics have played out during every burst bubble or crash.

The industry will survive, but it will be different. Because of the supply and demand dynamics, there will not be a ‘snap-back’ such as the ones we find after an embargo or credit crunch. Some people speculate that high oil prices CAUSED the last financial crisis!

The new oil and gas industry will need to be ‘lean and mean’

The new industry will be all about efficiency and cost cutting. These words are uttered by every leader in every industry, along with other buzz words like corporate culture, team building and technological innovation…

How often are they really meant and driven for? We have all seen terrible waste and mismanagement by companies (and governments!) who’s walk is different to their talk.

Nothing drives efficiency and cost cutting like the fear of bankruptcy! We will learn to re-evaluate every part of our business process in order to stay in business.

The winners will hit a sweet spot of synergy, momentum and compounded returns and become the new leaders of the industry.

We believe that looking for efficiency in every area MEANS everywhere, even those places that are not directly part of our company. This means in the dealings with suppliers, recruiters, advertising agencies and so on.

New new industry winners will also realise the importance of having an efficient network. Most of us will remember that our network meant our business card file, diary or Rolodex, This was enhanced by physical one-on-one meetings at trade shows and by being part of associations.

The internet has vastly improved our opportunities for networking. There was a time where our choice of information and interaction online involved either going to a companies home website, or participating in forums. Now we have social media, YouTube, Podcasts and plenty of other ways of fine tuning our interactive network.

Now not only do we have these technologies, but they are being used to create specialist oil and gas communities.

If you have a technical engineering question, you can ask people on Facebook or LinkedIn, but the quality of response might not be adequate for your purposes. It will be far better to go to a specialist technical community like our partner website, My-Spread.com.

If you want to source a new team member as quickly and as efficiently as possible, is it a good idea to start trawling through social media looking at dozens, or even hundreds of profiles? Is it a good idea to wait for the telephone to ring from a typical recruiter who has no industry experience?

Will it be more efficient to simply go to an online search feature, so search through a database of candidates whose information has been sourced, standardized and verified? If you think so then go to NatResPro.com.

The future of the oil and gas industry, in fact the future of every single mature industry comes down to the individual players’ innovation and efficiency. Focusing on innovations and efficiency is the only way to thrive, and sometimes the only way to survive.

This is the long term vision and goal of our mother company, Relentless Pursuit of Perfection. Instead of getting things done, rp² focuses on getting them done to the maximum standard that we are capable of. Where perfection is the aim, and sights are set much higher, huge time and cost saving efficiency can be realised, not just occasionally, but time and time again.

The NEW Drillers.com

The way that Drillers.com will help you be more efficient is because we are now building a community of like minded business people.

We only include those with the same or similar aims, experience, and integrity.

  1. Anything you read here on our main blog will have been written by an individual from a partner company. This will eliminate the noise that we see in many places online.
  2. We will self-police for quality and accuracy in what is being said. New partners that are found to be in-congruent will be politely asked to leave.
  3. We will only publish information that is industry relevant and informative. We won’t be re-posting articles written by the top 10 news agencies in the world.

As a partner you will be able to:

  • Post articles to help to get your message across to customers
  • Publish company press releases to increase the volume on the internet buzz that your company is creating
  • Benefit from cross promotion by other partners
  • Have trading opportunities with effectively pre-vetted business partners
  • Enjoy and be part of our co-operative social media network to amplify your online message
  • Reach out to trusted sources to help you find personal recommendations of industry solution providers
  • Have input into new drillers.com tools as they are developed, along with the opportunity to use them in beta stage
  • Find out about new innovation and industry developments, and have these developments screened and evaluated

Plus much more…

The bottom line is that we are developing a niche community built on the values of co-operation, interdependence and higher levels of efficiency that will be needed as the industry evolves. We will be honored if you would like to join us.



  1. So you’re only posting US jobs? It’s impossible to get a job in the US from these job boards unless you’re already a citizen or Green Card holder or something (which is ridiculous). Let me know before I take the time to register.

  2. Hi Sheldon, the new website went live only 24 hours ago and at the moment we are waiting for employers to start posting jobs. The jobs you see on the jobs page have been filtered and imported from other sources (mainly Indeed.com).

    What will happen is that as new jobs are posted they will appear at the very top of each relevant jobs search for title and country. Registering will only take you 5-10 minutes (depending how detailed you want to make it).

    By having your profile here, it could be the start of a sequence of events that leads to your next position. By not having a profile here, it definitely won’t!

    Another benefit of having a drillers.com profile is that when employers do an internet background check, you will appear in the search as connected to drillers.com. This is a form of reputation management as one day every quality oil and gas technical professional will have a profile here.

    Thanks for asking this question, others also might wonder the same thing as you. Cheers.

    • Hi Ghazanfar, I discussed your request with the bosses, and they weren’t sure if supplying another companies proprietary information was good idea, especially as they charge for it. I suggest that you visit our sister site, the my-spread.com technical drilling forum. Here you can ask specific questions and share challenges where some of the best minds in the business are happy to help.


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