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Dave Taylor

Performance Workshops and Well Planning

Dave has worked with most of the major drilling companies in the world to help them improve their wells performance. By using proprietary training techniques both on-site and off-site he creates measurable improvements on a cost and time basis.

Over the past 20 years Dave’s aptitude for this task has earned global recognition as one of the leaders in this role. He has taught these techniques to his team of performance consultants. Dave is also the owner of Drillers.com and My-Spread.com.

Services Available:


  • Drill-well-on-paper (DWOP)
  • Test-well-on-Paper (TWOP)
  • Complete Well-on-paper (CWOP)
  • Supply-well-on-paper (SWOP)
  • Start-up Field on Paper (SUFOP)
  • Crew Inductions / Team-building
  • Risk Assessments
  • Safety Plans
  • Design & Objective Review Sessions.
  • Risk and Opportunity Workshops ; Programme and Well-specific
  • Audits & Reviews
  • Knowledge Management
  • Project Washup
  • 1-2 day Workshops to develop relationships and tailor the methodology to the ‘personality’ of each team
  • ½ – 1 day “Unleashing potential” Seminars for all team members

… And much more… In fact, after 17 years at senior drilling team positions in some of the worlds top oil companies he learned the engineering side completely.

Then with almost the same number of years working full time as an independent workshop, training and seminar facilitator for most of the well known companies in the world, he understands the human/team side of the equation.


Dave's enthusiasm is infectious...

"Dave's enthusiasm is infectious and gets the most from the participants. His approach has been refined over the many years he has been involved in similar Workshops and I believe it is the best out there."

David Brecknock
Marc Artzrouni

Brilliant energy and a genuine passion for your success...

"Planning a Drilling project and want to make a tangible effort (rather than just talking about doing it) to reduce problems, then get Dave to run your DWOP. Brilliant energy and a genuine passion for your success.”

More About Dave

Dave's goal is to Ignite passion for performance and create an enabling environment to bring out the best in teams. After each job, he leaves a legacy as an enthusiastic source of workforce engagement in a fun manner... Dave created the Free D&C discussion forum to see how I put my money where my mouth is. His specialties include performance support to drilling and completion teams. The results are extensive, global portfolio and evidence of improvements as high as 35%. Project team alignment, risk assessments, DWOP / CWOP / TWOP, HAZOP, provision of performance advisors for enhanced levels of planning, operational supervision, review and learning.

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