We now encourage guest writers

The ‘old’ was best known as a jobs board and the activity on the site mainly involved employers posting an advert, and job seekers coming and searching for jobs. Being created 20 years ago, this in itself was ‘cutting edge’ as most companies didn’t even have websites at all.

Over the years has added a few features, such as the ever popular math cad calculations pages that are well used to this day. The visitor volume over the years has remained fairly low, and was overtaken and effectively superceded by well known sites such as, and

These websites receive a million visitors+ per month and the success of the business models have allowed re-investment into the platform so that the core features on jobs, candidates, company directories and so on.

How did these other sites get so much traction? To become so popular?

One of the reasons is fresh content to attract visitors. Mainly news reports, but also commentary and helpful articles. The content gave reason for employers to keep coming back, they read the news and the brand is re-enforced. The same applies to candidates, if you are in work but visit a jobs site to learn interesting information, when you lose your job it is natural to go to places that your feel comfortable. Online or offline.

Meanwhile created a blog, but it was only posted to very occasionally. Content is the key to having people come back again and again. Content is key to getting ‘love’ from the search engines. Content is the key to building trust and respect.

These things drive traffic, traffic drives revenue. So hats off to those in the online oil and gas industry that embraced the content model early on. They certainly reaped the rewards. Well done to the previously mentioned website owners and managers.

At the same time, it pays to be careful to watch the quality of the content published. We want to keep standards high here at We don’t want duplicate content that is published all over the web. Even worse if scraped, copied or ‘regurgitated content’. Whilst that might drive traffic from Facebook, to us its just not good enough.

So how do we keep fresh content published on a regular basis? Content that is original and from industry insiders?

Journalists? Perhaps, although we prefer to cut out the middleman and go to the source…


If you have any level of credentials, experience, or standing in the oil and gas community, we would like to offer you the opportunity to publish guest articles on this website.

We will keep quality high, both in terms of the articles, and the writers themselves. In return you will have the opportunity to have our readers come into contact with your personal or company message. If you have a blog or company website you will be allowed to put a hyperlink at the end of the article so that if the reader wants to, they can visit and find out more about you.

There is a decent chance of your articles posted here showing up in the search engines, because this site is 20 years old and has a level of authority. This authority will only increase as we work on the site overall.

Publishing your content here will certainly offer benefits to you (new eyeballs and visits coming from and for us too (you can help increase the size of our website).

If you are interested in being a contributing author, please fill in the simple form below. We will quickly check out your website and/or social media profiles to verify that you have some expertise, then reach out with an Author login so that you can upload content at your leisure. Before publishing we will check the post for quality, and then share it across our social media network to give you even more exposure.

You should also head over to our Contributor/Guest Author guidelines.

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