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Jason Lavis
Jason Lavishttps://ootbinnovations.com
Serial Energy Entrepreneur. Webmaster at drillers.com. Founder of Out of the Box Innovations Ltd. Co-Founder of Natural Resource Professionals Ltd. Traveller and Outdoorsman, Husband, Father. Technology/Internet Geek.

Steve Devereux started Drillers.com in March 1996 – its the oldest jobs recruitment site in the world. It is extremely well known and is held in affectionate regard by 1000’s of oil people.

Relentless Pursuit of Perfection Ltd has bought the site and we have great plans to grow it to be even bigger and better than ever before.

Drillers.com will still predominantly be a job search site. For this, we’ve teamed up with NatResPro, a recruitment company that has just been launched by Steve Hauxwell. NatResPro is exclusively targeting jobs in the wells community. As many of you will be aware, Steve is a time-served Well Engineer, with extensive service company and operator experience.

Steve believes that in order to avoid frustration through misunderstanding there’s nothing better than like-talking-with-like when matching prospective employees to job opportunities.

Not only does Steve plan to run a highly ethical recruitment consultancy, he also has numerous ambitions aimed at helping the upstream energy community avoid some of the pitfalls that many of you have experienced over the years.

For this, Steve brings you EarthResPro, a highly unique brand that will provide valuable information to people in the global jobs market. Interactive guides regarding the health/medical/security situation of every major country with an upstream oil and gas footprint will provide an enjoyable coffee table experience.

Additionally, information regarding both local and global energy related employment agencies, will allow consultants to share their own experiences with other EarthResPro registered users. The convenience and functionality of travel and vacationing sites is now available, and tailored towards an industry audience. Visit the site here: http://earthrespro.com

Drillers.com will also host access to rp-squared. Relentless Pursuit of Perfection Ltd is a drilling performance consultancy that was founded by Dave Taylor 15 years ago. The primary objective is to reduce cost and risk in well activity, primarily through the application of tailored Technical Limit-thinking and fostering an Enabling Environment to bring the best out in teams. You can visit the

Site here: http://rp-squared.com

Drillers.com hosts SPREAD which is the Free technical chat forum where engineers can share ideas, get additional insight and knowledge outside their immediate circle of colleagues. This site now can provide a Private Forum for companies that wish to keep their discussions internal on company-confidential matters whilst still gaining access to the wider community when desired.

Perhaps you would also like to join us on the site? If so you can visit the site here: http://my-spread.com

Opportunity to collaborate.

We are looking to expand and grow the range of products and services available through drillers.com so if you believe this may be of interest then please contact us here: https://drillers.com/contact-us




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