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Robin Abrams

Robin is an energy analyst and researcher for the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.

Drilling Rig Companies – The Top 5 US Contractors

Who are the main land drilling rig contractors in the US? The practice of "land drilling" (or "onshore drilling") refers to the drilling of oil...

5 Steps To Becoming A Better Oil Worker

The jobs market is slowly turning Compared to a year ago, oil prices are seeing some stability. This might be surprising to those who focus...

Oil And Gas Industry Jobs: Creative Working Models

Could Companies Use The Uber model? The oil and gas industry jobs model has always been volatile and particularly affected by boom and bust cycles....

How To Start In Oil and Gas When You Don’t Have Experience

Finding information on entry-level oil and gas (O&G) jobs is hard. Search engines can take you in circles, most listings require 5-10 years of...

The Coming Decommissioning Storm

The state of North Sea Oil & Gas (O&G) in 2017 The low oil price environment is making many companies reassess the true cost of...

Oil and Gas company bankruptcy outlook for 2017

As we kick off the year, it is a good time to discuss the state of the oil and gas (O&G) industry and the...

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