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  Ken Horne

Multilateral Technology & Well Construction Specialist

Ken’s Background:

Ken has worked in the O&G industry for over 30 years.  The last 22 years have been providing multilateral well construction and complex completion interface support and specialist knowledge to operators worldwide. 

As a multilateral subject matter expert, Ken provides training, planning and operational support to oil companies at all levels from graduate engineers to board level committees bringing decades of multilateral well construction experience to the table to support with decision making, after action reviews and to reduce the well planning and preparation time.

Ken commenced his career in the O&G industry as a slick line operative which was a perfect platform for learning live well intervention techniques and becoming familiar with various well completion designs and equipment.

In due course he accepted an opportunity to move into an onshore supervisory workshop role with a specialist completion, casing and liner torque turn make up and pressure test facility.  This role involved working with downhole equipment from almost all of all oil field equipment suppliers which is where he gained his detailed knowledge and experience of wireline tools, completion equipment and liner components before moving offshore once again with AVA who were one of the most innovative completion equipment design and manufacturers of the 90s. 

In time through acquisition, AVA became part of Dresser Industries who also owned Sperry Sun.

In the mid 1990s Sperry Sun brought to market their first commercial incarnation of their casing and liner multilateral junction systems and this was an opportunity for Ken as part of Dresser industries, to get involved in multilateral well construction supporting Sperry Sun in Europe and West Africa to design and develop completion equipment and systems to interface with the new junction designs.

In 1998, Total North Sea offered Ken his first consultancy role to join their operations team to bring his knowledge of multilateral technologies and techniques to their field development programme in the North Sea.

Since becoming an independent consultant, Ken has worked for numerous Oil & Gas companies such as BP, RWE, Xcite Energy, Husky, Chevron, Total, CNR, BG, PetroSA, EnQuest, Maurel & Prom, Maersk UK, Rhein Petroleum and Fairfield Energy Limited, often working on multiple projects simultaneously.

Ken will reduce the learning curve within your company and fast track your multilateral equipment and methods education whilst supporting the planning and preparation for any multilateral well application.

Some of the services that Ken offers:

  • Assist with equipment and operational failure analysis of multilateral well equipment and procedures.
  • Participation with project risk reviews and technical limits sessions.
  • Provide technical teaching and coaching on multilateral well design and best practices.
  • Multilateral tender preparation, tender model answer preparation and tender review analysis.
  • Prepare System Integration Test programmes and procedures
  • Witness Systems Integration Test and equipment qualification and integration testing.
  • Prepare procedures and programmes for constructing new multilateral wells and interventions to existing wells.
  • Provide onsite and remote technical support during multilateral well construction.
  • Provide onsite inspection of equipment and sub assembly make up and testing prior to loading and shipping.
  • Provide inspection and witnessing of redressing of back up multilateral equipment and preparation for storage.
  • Assistance with presentations to project partners and senior management review boards.

Ken can guide you through the maze of multilateral systems and as an independent specialist he will evaluate your needs and assist you make the right choices faster.

Peter Freer

Ken never gives up

“True professional approach in all work ethics. Vast completion/ML knowledge. Ken never gives up.”

Ken would be my first point of contact…

“… For any multilateral well construction activities; conceptual, design, planning or operational. We worked together on multiple projects for a variety of clients. Ken possesses an extraordinary ability to effectively manage risk, and ensure project deliverables are met. By removing confusion, and ensuring order through a well-managed process of education, training and a meticulous approach, Ken repeatedly delivers success stories.”

Steve Hauxwell

Ken has co-authored multiple published papers:

Driving Completion Technology in Subsea, Multilateral Well with Sand Control and Downhole Flow Control

This was an SPE paper published 0n the 30th of May, 2007 It has since been republished numerous times. Read

Debris-tolerant barrier solves challenging problem

This article was published on the 1st of April 2013. It covered some interesting solutions implemented while working on Germany’s Mittelplate drilling and production island. Read

The Evolution of a TAML L-4 Multilateral System to Meet the Challenges of a BP Deepwater Subsea Well

This SPE paper from 2007 details the development trials carried out on the perforation system required for the Schiehallion field in the North sea. Read

Installing a TAML L-4 multilateral system in deepwater Schiehallion field

This article was published on World Oil magazine. It covered more of the challenges and solutions discovered while working in the Schiehallion field . Read

More About Ken’s company:

Ken founded Multilateral Solutions in 1998 as an independent consultancy, the aim being to provide professional and impartial technical support and advice on all aspects of multilateral well design and construction. They provide unbiased technical experience and knowledge. They will educate and assist your team, and reduce the learning curve by bringing almost 20 years of experience, and far more than that on an individual basis.

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