About Us

Drillers.com was originally created in 1996 by Steve Devereux. It was created as a technical drilling resource and jobs site – and was the very first online oil and gas recruitment site. Over the years the site has been improved and new features such as Math CAD calculators and equations were added.

Steve Devereux has taken a step back from the recruitment industry in recent years and in 2016 he sold the site to his long time friend and colleague Dave Taylor. Dave is well known in the oil industry for his training workshops and seminars.

Drillers.com is now part of the Relentless Pursuit of Perfection Group, which also runs a few online properties dedicated to technical professionals in the oil and gas sector. My-Spread.com is a private forum boasting thousands of threads with practical help and solutions for most issues encountered on the oilfield.

Relentless Pursuit of Perfection is a performance consultancy, Spread provides an abundant amount of technical information. Drillers.com is being re-developed and modernized with the same mentality and goal in mind. This website has helped countless people find jobs over the years, and has helped equal numbers of engineers with their calculations in the field.

Drillers.com will now evolve and keep the best of the old, and add new innovative features and helpful information. Hopefully you like the look and feel of the new site, and each time you come back you will notice changes and improvements.

There will be more of a collaborative focus than a commercial one. Rather than companies posting adverts, and job seekers searching adverts, the new visitors to drillers.com will be industry veterans who understand the benefits of peer review, and mutual benefit.

In addition to the industry veterans, we hope that there will be plenty of new people who see drillers.com as a valuable resource to help them. Not just with maths calculations, but as a trusted source of information in a broad spectrum of industry topics.

We will also open the site up to anyone who wants to share their companies news and breakthroughs in an open way. We will publish press releases and articles from those who are doing good work and have experience that we all can learn from.

If you are interested in publishing or collaboration in any way, please send us a message through our contact page.