5 Bad Habits You Should Break to Be the Best in Your Job Role

Bad Habits You Should Break to Be the Best in Your Job Role

Now is not the time to be complacent

During the current market conditions in the oil and gas industry, holding on to our jobs is critical. If our company retrenches or our contract finishes, that’s one thing, but we don’t want to be shown the door based on poor performance.

During boom times, most of us can walk out of one job and into another, even then it’s not a good career strategy! You might be talented, but there are many others who are too…

Talent isn’t the only ingredient to job success. Your daily habits, no matter what your job, impact your success at it. The flip side of that is that there are several bad habits that can put your job in jeopardy.  Before you get to that point, it is best to identify issues you may have now and fix them.

Here are 5 bad habits that you should break to be the best in your job role:


Are you showing up late to work, extending your lunchbreak more and more, or slipping out early on a regular basis? These activities are hurting your company and your reputation.  Make sure you are putting in the time that you are being paid to complete. Try to always be punctual. This will tell your employer that you care. Things do happen from time to time and that understandable but always communicate with your manager and make up the time you may miss.

Low Motivation

Do you get online to check your social media account at work and the next thing you know, an hour has passed? Low productivity can cost your company money and time. Just because you are there does not mean you are being productive. Try to start your day by creating a list of goals or tasks that you plan to tackle. Make a point to accomplish as much of this list as you can and keep distractions to a minimum.


Appearance can be everything and this doesn’t just apply to your work attire.  If you want your supervisor to take you seriously, you cannot show up to the office with bed head and a ratty T-shirt.  The same applies for your work space. Keeping your desk organized and clean are a true reflection of yourself.  It can also play a role in how productive and efficient you are during the work day.

Inappropriate Behavior

Sexist, racist or demeaning comments to others is never okay.  If a joke you want to tell is even slightly off-color, don’t tell it. If you practice these bad habits in the workplace, it can could land you in hot water with your supervisor – or even with a harassment lawsuit. Always treat all colleagues and suppliers with the utmost respect. You should also keep your personal life private. The office is never the place for drama.

Lack of Interest

If you constantly do not show dedication to your job, you will likely pay the price. Take on extra projects or training to show you care. Those who don’t show that they will go the extra mile are much more likely to be passed up for promotions.  Do not expect your employer to invest in you if they do not see you doing the same.

Almost one-third of your life will be spent at work. You will be a happier and more valued employee if you work to break these five bad habits. Those that are diligent in their work and try to be punctual and respectful are much more likely to rise up the corporate ladder and excel in the workplace.


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