3 Ways That Being An Oil Worker Can Help You To Grow Stronger

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Growing through our contribution to society…

Striving to grow stronger in life is a noble cause. That said the desire to grow stronger in any chosen line of work or professional trade is a respected way to begin the journey. In other words, because we spend such a great portion of our lives in the workplace, approaching work as a vehicle to greater states of being really does make sense.

Those in career fields that require global travel grow in terms of becoming increasingly worldly. While people who work with children grow by gaining remarkable levels of patience. Others that work in science and technology experience personal growth by the sense of accomplishment they experience in having helped the world to further evolve.

So what can we learn about growth and being an oil worker? Interestingly quite a lot of growth on a physical and mental level is indeed possible. First, let’s look at the various oil worker positions that one can choose among today. Some of these jobs include:

Engine Operators – These workers are tasked with changing the engines that deliver power to an oil rig or platform.

Roustabouts – This job title includes the inspection of flow lines through the use of electronic detectors. It also involves the cleaning of work areas and equipment. The job often entails repairing or even dismantling machinery used in oil fields as well as fixing boilers and steam engine related parts.

Pumpers – These workers routinely operate and maintain the actual pumps used to extract oil out of what is frequently referred to simply as the “hole.”

Derrick Operators – A derrick operator is tasked with swinging high above on an oil rig preforming many vital functions. This includes guiding lengths of pipe out of elevators along with verifying that drilling fluid is indeed flowing. Other aspects of the job may involve aligning derrick components and repairing pumps.

Service Unit Operators – This oil worker related position involves the removal of tubes or rods from holes. It also includes the installation into wellheads of various types of pressure control devices. This job may additionally include operating pumps and raising derricks.

Rotary Drill Operators – Those who perform this type of work are frequently referred to as “drillers” and are considered to be key workers in the oil business. They maintain proper safety protocol and even train drill crews. They also may be required to oversee the maintenance of drill rigs. These oil workers will typically monitor “well flow” using the appropriate equipment and gauges. Other functions include monitoring drilling fluid consistency and the recovery of drilling and rig related components.

How can this type of work help one to become stronger?

In truth many things in life that can make us stronger. However, becoming stronger as a result of the kind of work that we do is always desirable. Enjoying what we do while at the same time growing as a person simply makes life more rewarding. Three key ways that individuals become stronger by becoming an oil worker include the following: (1) Added pride in a job well done, (2) A sense of accomplishment in helping to “power” the world, and (3) The improvement in one’s own financial condition which adds confidence and strength overall.

1) Added pride in a job well done

In many instances the qualifications necessary to become an oil-worker can include advanced degrees in applied sciences, engineering and other sciences. For example, the installation of offshore equipment requires being able to understand and work with sophisticated equipment that involves advanced technology and complex processes.

Being an effective oil worker also means being able to work well while in collaboration with a team. This is especially true when working long shifts away from home on an offshore rig. Having the ability to work for long periods of time away from home and one’s family necessitates a certain level of emotional intelligence and communication skills that are outstanding in every respect.

Those working in research and development, refining and even exploration and production must have a work ethic that is of the highest caliber, to say the least. All of these reasons and more result in workers experiencing a level of pride not seen in other career fields. Oil workers become stronger in daily life because of added pride in a job well done. As a note, the gas and oil industry employs millions of people around the globe. This provides for even more added satisfaction from working in such a large and comprehensive sector of the economy.

2) A sense of accomplishment in helping to “power” the world

Most people today would likely agree that our modern way of life would be vastly different without the advantages of oil and the energy that it produces. Oil workers enjoy a true sense of accomplishment in helping to power the world. From powering aircraft to automobiles and marine craft, oil is an essential, vital and key component of what keeps the world functioning on a minute-by-minute and daily basis.

Oil also produces electricity for millions of homes in key locations throughout the world. While natural gas, coal and nuclear power all provide substantial energy supplies oil still leads the way in terms of overall global energy production. With energy consumption on the rise throughout the world, there will be an ever-increasing demand for capable, experienced and qualified oil workers.

Working in an industry that literally powers the entire world provides for a sense of accomplishment that is clearly to be respected. Oil workers enjoy the prestige of being involved with such an important modern industry. Without oil and all that it makes possible, world economies would likely grind to a halt. This is even in light of the fact that alternative energy sources are constantly arising and being introduced into the marketplace.

3) The improvement in one’s own financial condition which adds confidence and strength overall.

Few would argue that earning a generous income does have a direct and positive bearing on overall quality of life. Being an oil worker can be quite lucrative resulting in individuals as well as their families becoming much stronger financially. Typically speaking, engineers and supervisors working in the oil industry can easily earn approximately $150,000 per year.

Conversely, Roustabouts can be expected to earn nearly $40,000 per year while those who do general repair work on oil rigs can easily make $30,000 per year or more. Pumpers on the other hand will usually make in the range of around $43,000 annually. Finally, extraction workers will easily earn an annual salary of anywhere from $47,000 per year to as much as $63,000 per year.


These are generous salaries that are attractive to those who are intrigued by the oil industry and all that it has to offer. We have discussed just three of the ways that being employed as an oil worker can make an individual stronger and far more resilient. As the demand for oil continues to grow in countries like India and China, more oil workers will be needed going forward. Those in search of a solid industry where employment opportunities abound need look no further than today’s modern oil worker industry.









  1. That’s a good point that oil helps to produce electricity for millions of homes across the world. My friend wants to work in North Dakota to help with the drilling there. He’ll have to make sure he finds housing and a good place to spend time with his coworkers to make the experience more valuable.


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