FAQ’s – Employers/Recruiters

Q) What are the benefits of using drillers.com?

drillers.com is for different types of users:

  • Professionals who are part of drilling teams can find technical tools, information, and articles written by experts, not journalists.
  • Upstream O&G job seekers can find relevant jobs posted by trusted and vetted recruiters and employers.
  • Recruiters and employers looking for new employees. They’ll also find opportunities to get noticed by a relevant audience.

The main benefit of drillers.com is the fact that it has an industry, and sector targeted visitor flow. Unlike larger websites geared towards the industry in general, drillers.com has a community peer group of drilling experts.

Q) How do I set up an account on drillers.com?

Click on the Employer Registration, or the Employer Login and follow the instructions. Registration is straightforward and can be done by you in minutes. We’ll then vet each application before activation and the allowance of full access to the site.

Over time, new features will appear to offer more tools, facilities, and options. If there’s something you need, or if you have a suggestion to make the website better, we welcome your input.

Q) What type of jobs can I post on drillers.com?

When you post a job, there’s a drop-down menu of available choices. Generally, if your job is in the upstream sector, and a position for a drilling team, then that’s fine. We set a lower limit of Toolpusher as far as the skill hierarchy is concerned. No Floorhands or Roustabouts, please.

If in doubt, contact us, or post your job and click ‘not on the list’ and we will review the suitability and make the edits for you.

Q) Do you accept entry-level jobs?


Q) How do I know how many active candidates are registered on your website?

We’ll provide any data that you need upon request. Remember though that after 20 years, drillers.com has a good standing in the search engines. We also have a network of social media accounts where we can post jobs.

If you post a job with us, it’s likely that candidates will find your advert through a variety of channels, such as through search engines or social media. Or perhaps they’ll notice your ad while reading blog posts, articles, technical material or any other content that they find on the site.

Q) How do I post jobs on drillers.com and how much does it cost?

Once registered and approved, you can use your Employers Dashboard to post jobs. We’ve made the process as user-friendly as possible, and continue to look for ways to improve. We also integrate with Idibu and are looking at other software-based options. Please refer to our media pack, and rate card for current pricing options.

Q) I don’t have any jobs to post at present, how can I promote my company on your website?

The jobs board is only one part of drillers.com. There are numerous ways that we can work with you to bolster your image and reach you’ve got traditional banner ads to social media promotion, to joining us as Expert Partners.

We’re big enough to have a reliable network but small enough that we can accommodate any partner who offers a proposal that’s a win/win. If you want a more way answer, we’d need to know what your company provides, so that we can see where a marketing message might fit.

Q) Do you have a candidate database we can access?

We have a candidate database, but it’s relatively small (and growing). We’re also careful not to give access to the database without good reason. Recruiters have a reputation for data farming and distribution. Re-distribution can mean that candidate details end up in less professional hands.

We’re working on a new system of resume access, where you can search the database and see how many good fit candidates are available. For the time being, if you have a specific requirement, contact us, and we’ll help you find what you need.

Q) Is drillers.com set up with other software partners (such as Idibu or Broadbean)?

Drillers.com is integrated with Idibu. We’ve investigated the benefits of Broadbean and can set that up if a partner company requires it. If you need Broadbean integration or any other similar software solution, then please get in touch.

Q) Can our organisation participate in your website blog?

We welcome guest articles if they adhere to our guidelines. If you’re a paying advertiser, we’ll also help you edit, proofread, publish and promote your posts.

Q) What type of payment do you accept?

We’ve integrated Stripe, which accepts standard payment methods. If you prefer to pay by Paypal, cheque, bank transfer, or any other method, then contact us, and we’ll try to accommodate. We probably won’t accept Bitcoin or uncut diamonds, but if you’ve got a good reason, then we might consider it :).

Q) How do I edit, copy and remove jobs?

From inside your employer dashboard.

Q) How are job applications managed?

You’ll receive the applicant details by email, plus there will be a permanent record inside your Employer Dashboard, even for expired jobs.

Q) How do I contact a candidate who has applied for a job?

When a candidate applies, you will receive their resume/CV that will have the contact details that they have added. So you can contact them using your usual methods.

Q) How do I find out your current site statistics?

Site statistics are available upon request. The level of detail and disclosure will be related to who you are, and the company that you represent. We reserve the right to decline any requests for internal company statistics.

Q) What support do drillers.com provide to our company once we’ve signed up for an account?

The level of support depends upon the nature of your account. For enquiries regarding usage, or technical issues we do our best to respond within 24hrs during Mon-Fri.

If you’re a regular job poster or have purchased a broader advertiser package, then you can ask us about almost anything. We’ll work with you to maximise your experience in using drillers.com. We want you to be satisfied, and the insights and learning opportunities can be applied to our website and process to make drillers.com better for future customers too.

Q) How are drillers.com candidates filtered?

Candidate QA/QC is an ongoing process. For candidate registration, there are a series of guidelines and minimum requirements. Also, we conduct periodic human reviews of our database to remove unsuitable candidates.

We’re also working on software solutions to avoid unsuitable candidates. As you are probably aware, It’s challenging to stop unsuitable candidates from applying for jobs.

So far, feedback from our advertisers regarding the quality of candidate applications has been very encouraging. We believe that this is due to the nature of our niche community and technical content.

As we develop our systems, here are our primary focus points:

  • Focus: Visitors to the website quickly self-filter due to the technical nature of the content published. They do this themselves once they realise that this is not a site for generalists.
  • Screening: Candidates who register at drillers.com are screened and then checked periodically. We pro-actively delete profiles that are incomplete, bad quality, or from people who do not fit our selected roles.
  • High Quality: We’re continually raising the bar on candidate quality, without reducing opportunities for top calibre candidates.
  • Relevant: Our management team have decades of experience in planning and executing well activities and know what ‘good’ looks like. Some generalist O&G website owners are unable to fully understood what matters to your technical teams.
  • Guidance: We can guide you through the process. We are available to assist you in your search for quality people actively. We do some of the filtering and qualification.