Employer Panel


Guidance Notes:

Hi there, if this is your first time on this page after a new registration, then welcome. The points below will give you a quick guide to the benefits of using this website. If you’re a more established member, some common features and settings are laid out below. Perhaps scan over them to see if there is something that you have previously missed.

Post a Job

This section has 3 tabbed pages: Create Ad, Preview and Publish. Try to enter all fields on the Create Ad section, make the advert clear and enticing to a potential recruit. This advert will be published not only on the drillers.com website but across social media and in the search engines. A clear advert with accurate description will help save you time in weeding out unsuitable applicants and help the advert stand out.

We have 2 types of job listings available to you.

Standard job postings will show on our job board, in site search, and in limited social media postings. Also, we will notify the search engines that the post is published. This means that your job will be visible in Google, Bing, Yahoo and so on.

Premium job postings will have all the benefits of standard posts, but in addition:

  • Will be in our ‘Featured Posting’ list in the sidebar of the site. These will be visible to website visitors that aren’t on the jobs page. They might just be reading a blog post, and see your job.
  • Will appear at the top of the relevant search, above standard listings. In addition to the search placing, they will appear above the standard postings on the Jobs Page, where the full list of current jobs appears.
  • Will get posted to 20+ social media pages that are owned by drillers partners.

Company Jobs

This section will contain all of your current and previous job posting information. Even after a posting expires, you will still be able to access all of its details.

Inside this section, you will be able to access applicant information such as their original submission message, email address and so on.

You’re able to tag applicants based on their status. You can tag the application ‘Read, Rejected, Accepted’.

Edit Profile

This profile will be searchable online, so will have additional branding and SEO benefits for your company. Because of this, we advise that you complete your company profile in full so that it is showcased in the best possible light.

Each job applicant will also be able to visit your company profile through your job advert. Having a full picture of your company will help your new hire get to know you better.


This section will contain any details of promotional or additional pre-paid membership deals that you have purchased, been given, or are subscribed to. Your paid membership offers will display there while they are still valid.

You will be able to view details of your memberships including expiry date and the number of days left.

Jobs Views

To see how your campaigns with drillers.com are progressing, you can see your master stats here. You can see a grand total of weekly, monthly and lifetime views for your job listings. You can also see the latest job viewers that were logged in, and had their profile available (not anonymous).

Each job listing also has a view tally on the sidebar. The number of views is a total, whether viewers were logged in or not.

Account Settings

Here, you will be able to activate your profile as anonymous for browsing purposes (in case you don’t want applicants to know who was viewing them). You also have the buttons for Logout, Password, Delete account.