A Discussion: Eric van Oort’s paper (AADE-16-FTCE-77)

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Dave Messler
Dave Messlerhttp://www.acmefluidstraining.com
Dave Messler is an oilfield veteran with 38-years of experience in the industry. He is currently a Senior Trainer at ACME Fluids Training, a small organization that focuses on teaching the development of reservoir drill-in fluids (RDF’s) to the industry.


  1. Thank you so much Dave for sharing this valuable paper!
    Regarding the use of results from dubious tests, only one thing comes to mind: GIGO.
    Garbage In Garbage Out …

  2. Dave, many thanks for your favorable review of my paper, glad you enjoyed it and hope it is of value to you and others in the Fluids business. I am planning to combine this paper with a more recent AADE paper (AADE-17-NTCE-111) and submit it to a scientific journal to find a larger audience for my recommendations on shale testing.

  3. Great work Dr. Eric and Dave,

    This should go through quite easily for a journal publication.
    Have you had similar articles on carbonate sandstone reservoirs?


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