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Mike Marsden-Hill

Mike has 30+ years in the Oil and Gas Industry. Starting on pipelines as a labourer and then working his way up to Project Quality Manager on US$1 Billion + Petrochemical Construction Projects. Currently a Quality Consultant and part-time Author.

Rig Abandonment and Decommissioning for the Next 25 Years

Rig abandonment and decommissioning trends face disruption on a scale not experienced before. The normal lifetime of oilfield facilities are already calculated as part...

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  After starting in October and November 2019… The global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic spread around the world in the first few months of 2020....

COVID-19 PIVOT: Virtual Well On Paper Workshops

  (Written by Dave Taylor, the owner of rp², with input from Jason Lavis) A REAL Change In an industry well over 100 years old, examples of...

Making the Invisible Visible – Delivering Clarity

  Cost Saving through Operational Optimisation Without exception, every Operator has the potential to reduce their operational costs significantly. I don’t think anyone would argue with...

Nigeria Oil Industry Overview

The Oil Industry of Nigeria If anyone asks Chevron or Shell, for example,  how they feel about Nigeria, the response would probably be that they...

What It’s Like To Work On An Offshore Oil Rig

  Working on an offshore oil rig or platform is a unique experience Note: In this article, we'll use the word 'rig' and 'platform' almost interchangeably,...
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