FAQ’s – Candidates

Q) What are the benefits of registering on drillers.com?

You can access most of the website without any registration or login. Registering on drillers.com has two main benefits:

  1. If you want to apply for a job through drillers.com, now or in the future, registration is usually necessary.
  2. Your drillers.com resume can be made viewable by employers and recruiters. (You can set your resume to ‘private’ as well). If set to appear in results, when a potential employer searches for your skills or job role, they’ll see your details. (Even if you haven’t applied for a job with them). We vet and delete profiles that don’t come up to our standards, so your profile is more likely to be found. You can choose whether to have your resume searchable through a tick box setting on your candidate panel.

Q) How is drillers.com different from other jobs boards?

We see drillers.com as a niche community, and we only include upstream workers of a certain level of experience and job seniority. (Toolpusher or higher, and at least five years of experience in the industry). Our content and online tools get tailored to this specific group.

Most job boards are not O&G industry related, those that are will include up, mid and downstream roles. (As well as non-industry specific functions e.g., electricians, cooks, cleaners and builders). While these are all worthy professions, we’re focused on the highly skilled upstream sector of the O&G business. More importantly, so are the partners, recruiters and employers with whom we work.

Q) What type of job roles will I expect to see on drillers.com?

Upstream oil and gas drilling teams, as well as the associated office staff, consultants, trainers and those who have direct input at the exploration, drilling and completions stage.

Q) How do I join the Skills Pool or Expert Pool? Are there any minimum requirements?

We have categories of human resource groups, those that belong to the Job Pool, Skills Pool, and Expert Pool. To put in simple terms, to be in the Job Pool, you need to be fully qualified in a skilled upstream role. An Expert is someone who has vast experience in one or two things, someone who might write scientific papers on the topic or be brought into a particularly tricky situation. Contact us if you want to be considered as a Drillers.com Expert.

The Skills Pool contains people who are fully qualified and experienced and know their areas of expertise sufficiently to not need guidance or supervision. There are bound to be grey areas and edge cases, where it’s not clear whether you’d qualify. If you think that you do qualify, or are likely to, we invite you to apply, and we’ll decide if you have the sufficient credentials. If not, we’re happy to stay in touch with you and keep your details on file until you do.

Q) I’m starting in the Oil & Gas Industry and have no experience, should I register?

You’re more than welcome to register and to create a drillers.com resume, but it’s unlikely that you’ll ever see entry level jobs displayed here. You could see it as part of your introduction to the industry, and we might send you an email from time to time.

Q) How do I register on drillers.com?

Click ‘CANDIDATES’ on the home page, or go to ‘candidate login’. Any part of the site that requires registration for access will prompt you to register.

Q) Do I need to have a drillers.com account to apply for a job?

Yes, either create a drillers resume now or during the process of your first application. Sometimes employers or recruiters will request that you send your CV or resume directly. If this is the case, it will be specified in the advert itself.

Q) Do I need an online resume to apply for a job?

It’s usually a required step in the process. Sometimes, however, an employer will post a job and prefer that you email them directly. There are only a relatively small number of compulsory fields to complete. To create the best impression of yourself, we recommend that you complete your resume as fully as possible. When you log in to your candidate panel, you can see how complete your profile is on a percentage basis.

Q) How do I post my resume?

Your drillers.com resume will automatically display once you’ve followed the registration process. Any CV or resume that you upload will get filed in our database ready for employer access. The exception is if you have clicked the tick box saying ‘Private’ during your profile set up.

Q) How do I set up job alerts?

When you search for a job title, you will have the opportunity to set up email alerts for this job. You can also add other job titles and keywords relevant to your personal experience. When a job that matches your preset keywords gets posted, you’ll automatically receive an alert.

Q) Can I set my account as private?

Yes. When you set up your account, the default setting results in your drillers.com resume getting added to any recruiter/employer database search results. If you want to have your profile completely private, there’s a tick box relating to this in your drillers resume set up.

If your profile is set to private, when you apply for a job, the recruiter/employer will see your details. Other users, employers or recruiters will not be able to search your details through the website.

If you have some personal security concerns or preferences, then please contact us, and we will do our best to accommodate them.

Q) Can I upload more than one CV?

Yes, you can upload as many relevant documents as you like. These can include certificates or references as well as a recent CV or resume.

Q) How do I edit my resume?

You can edit all of your details through your candidate panel.

Q) Is it free to use the MathCAD calculations?

Yes, you can use the MathCad section free of charge, and no login or registration is required.

Q) Once I apply for a job how do I know if my application is received?

There is an automated email to say that it’s sent. Nowadays almost every email gets received unless a failure notice comes through (e.g. Mailer Daemon). In that event, we will re-send your application on your behalf.

We can’t guarantee a response from a recruiter or employer as each will have a different company policy. Rest assured that your application will arrive in their inbox.

Q) Can I store my written references, qualifications and certification on drillers.com?

Yes, you can upload any documents that you think are relevant to your application. We wouldn’t advise using drillers.com as a personal storage facility. Dropbox, Google Drive etc. perform that function much better.

Q) How do I know that my account details are safe?

While we do our best to ensure all data security, we can’t guarantee that there won’t be a breach. We see in the news that some of the most prominent and most respected companies in the world get hacked or have data breaches. Recent instances of this include Yahoo and Sony, who have much more significant security budgets than we have.

We won’t sell or leak your details to any third parties unless forced to by law. As a candidate, we never ask you for a credit card, bank details or any other sensitive information. We advise that you use a new password for each new login that you set up online. For example, don’t use the same password for drillers.com as you would for your email or bank account.

Q) How do I change my password?

You can change all of your details from inside your candidate panel. If you’ve forgotten your password, then there is a reset password feature that doesn’t require a login. As long as you enter your correct email address associated with your account, then you can receive a reset email. If you can’t remember your password, username or email, then contact us, and we can help you recover your account.

Q) How do I de-activate my account?

You’re more than welcome to contact us and request that all records are updated to ‘inactive’. Another choice would be to go to your resume builder and un-tick the box that says ‘Show my resume in search results’.

Q) How do I permanently delete my account?

You can add, edit, or delete any of your information, including the account itself from your Candidate Panel.