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Eric Roth, RSP, MIIRSM

Drilling & Wells QHSSE & Operational Integrity

Global Wells QHSSE, Operational Integrity, & Crisis Management

For the past 20 years, Eric has been serving in international high level Safety, Security, and Quality roles, in the public, government, and private sectors – he has closely provided executive protection and risk / threat assessment services for world famous celebrities, billionaire CEO’s, best selling authors, and a number of high profile dignitaries, including U.S. Presidents and Secretaries.

The interesting challenges of the energy industry then caught his attention, and he has since worked in project & operational roles for service companies, rig contractors, and major Oil & Gas and integrated Energy companies across the globe in every region, both onshore and offshore, integrating a highly diverse range of experience.

Eric provides advice, consulting, and leadership on Drilling, Completions, Wells, & Interventions QA/HSSE and Operational Integrity issues across the lifecycle of drilling and wells projects. He also specializes in complex and special projects, including:

– HPHT Safety and Quality Assurance, Planning, Management, and Contingency– MPD & UBD Safety and Quality Assurance, Planning, Management, and Contingency– Blowout Contingency Plans– Interface and Bridging Documents– QHSSE Management of Special Projects and Critical Operations– Drilling & Well Emergency Planning and Contingency– On-Scene + Onshore Task Force Management– Pressure Control & Well Control Equipment Surveys + Audits– Design and Implementation of Drilling Integrity & Rig Integrity programs– SIMOPS programs & audits– Management Consulting and Manpower Solutions for Special/Complex Projects

 Vitaliy Yakhnenko

“Eric is a great leader with an excellent technical knowledge of drilling and well operations. He is highly effective at leading rig contractors to achieve both operations and safety excellence.

“He is held in the highest regard by the upper management of the wells division of our client hence his recommendation. He has been re-assigned consistently to a number of global operations, each time excelling in his role capacity.”

Chris Morton-Collings

More About Eric

Eric is no ordinary generic safety advisor, and if you were simply looking for a stop card counter or statistics engineer, he’d most likely tell you (very kindly and diplomatically of course 😉 to keep looking, as there are plenty of those types available.

His interest, expertise, and value lies in the management of critical operational issues on the front line, with a mix of field/site and office leadership…

His storied experience began in the US Marine Corps, where he quickly accelerated to the top 1 % of the military, was selected for and survived gruelling training at the FBI academy to serve in one of the armed services most prestigious assignments – Diplomatic Duty for State Department at US Embassies overseas. He served successfully alongside other Special Forces and the Secret Service with numerous awards…

Shortly before he was to be honorably discharged, he found himself directly in the middle of (and in charge of) his first “pressure test”, as the Marine Sergeant on duty the morning of Sept. 11, 2001. This Emergency / Crisis situation lasted the next week, and since then, he has found himself managing a number of crisis scenarios (including Blowout) in the energy industry, performing various roles such as S&E Authority, SIMOPS Authority, on scene specialist team coordinator, lead engineer, and manager. Eric has worked with and comes highly recommended by some of the worlds foremost wells experts.

Beyond this, Eric is a family man, writer, philanthropist, entrepreneur, businessman, and active committee member of numerous industry organizations, including IADC and SPE. He holds Advanced Diplomas in OHS and Program Management, and a Post Graduate diploma (MSc level) in Project Engineering Management from Robert Gordon University in the UK.

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