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Dave Taylor

Owner & Managing Director

About Dave

Dave has worked with most of the major drilling companies in the world to help them improve their wells performance. By using proprietary training techniques both on-site and off-site he creates measurable improvements on a cost and time basis. Over the past 20 years Dave's aptitude for this task has earned global recognition as one of the leaders in this role. He has taught these techniques to his team of performance consultants. Dave is also the owner of and

Scott Carr

Partner & Creative Director

About Scott

Scott spent 30 years in leadership positions in the highly competitive metals & manufacturing industry. With a long track record of cost cutting and performance enhancement for companies such as British Steel & Corus, he joined rp² in Jan 2014. Bringing ‘fresh eyes’ to the Oil and Gas business, Scott is integrating some techniques that he has developed in his previous career. With an injection on creativity and flair he aims to build on the good work that rp² has done.

“I have also attached a couple of thank you notes and letters that were sent at the end of the WOS well which sums up the feelings of the team and what was achieved. Importantly rp² were integral to the team culture we set up and the creation of the enabling environment which allowed us to deliver this outstanding result.”

Peter Greaves

BG HPHT Wells Team Leader

“The optimizations included 5%-10% reduction in procedural efficiency timing for riserless drilling, and several $MM savings in offshore input to execution plans.”

Rob Munger

Well Operations Manager, BP Egypt

Company Overview

Relentless Pursuit of Perfection is the leading performance consulting company dedicated to the Oil and Gas Industry. Few successful people would argue against ongoing training and process enhancement.

At work, we see traps that people can drift into without realising it. Complete training for a new employee is a minimum prerequisite for being allowed on to the job site. This training tends to be done in-house by the company employing the new hire.

Over time, there are tendencies for human efficiency to slip

For example:

A person who has been in the same position for a umber of years knows the job so well they almost do it on autopilot. They have more experience under their belts than most of their co-workers, usually their bosses too – for the particular role they play. What tends to happen is that a combination of complacency, laziness and over familiarity sets in.

That adrenaline rush that comes from a particularly important stage, stops happening. This alertness and adrenaline rush actually helps peak performance. A number of other factors combine, but overall, someone in a job for 10 years can sometimes perform worse than someone who is only 5 years in.

The problem is that this goes unnoticed, assumptions are made about the persons abilities and competence. These situations occur in all walks of life, the best drivers can become less safe due to assumptions and familiarity. people gain fat gradually, often unnoticed by those around them.

Due to work force mobility and the common practice of short term contracts, there will be a percentage of staff that are fairly new to the particular type of project. Three different drilling managers might have different sets of experience and competencies. Often a short revision and on-site training session will get a new but experienced hire up to speed and with the team.

Have you ever seen failings by a peer, or even a superior? Of course we all have. Do we tell them? We should but we often don’t. It’s incredibly difficult to find the words to tell a work colleague that they are effectively, being incompetent. How many people can get into a situation where all ego’s are set aside, the point is well taken, and no grudges are created? This is easier said than done.

An outside consulting firm can come in and impartially guide everyone’s actions. Constructive criticism is taken well because no one is being singled out or offended, and the consultant is just doing his job. If anyone does harbor bad feelings, it is not so bad because all parties know that the consultant is there for a short period.

A fresh perspective

Have you ever gone to a new job site and seen massive mistakes, errors and wasted time, money and resources? Issues that would have never happen at your old company? Most smart people will experience this. If you are good at what you do, and of leadership material you will fix these problems within your department. What about the rest of the company?

An outside consultant can go through the company section by section and see the same things as you would. More importantly, they will create a list of actionable steps that can be justified and backed up by evidence. This means that not only your department is improving, but the whole company is.

These are just some of the benefits in using an external performance consultancy in order to increase efficiency and decrease failure rates. No one is too experienced, or too clever to not fall into traps that are completely human in nature.

The two main benefits, that are different to achieve internally are the impartial re-training.

  • The periodic ‘sharpening of the saw’ that is needed for everyone to stay sharp.
  • The ‘fresh set of eyes’ that notices issues clearly, when others too close to the situation cannot.

These 2 benefits combined with the ‘ego friendly’ approach makes hiring an outside performance consultant such a powerful tool for your company.

After improvements have been made and improvements have been counted on the balance sheet, most companies realise that periodic re-vamps are needed. Athletes stop winning when they slow down or stop training, this is regardless of experience. In an industry where mistakes can cost lives, or millions, egos need to be set aside and the spirit of Kaizen must be embraced by all. Measured over years, we believe this is the key difference between the companies at the top, and the bottom of their fields.

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