Drilling Technology I

Our comprehensive training course on drilling oil and gas wells is specifically designed for individuals working closely with the operations departments within their organisations. It covers various topics, from geology to P&A, and thoroughly explains the equipment, roles, and responsibilities involved in drilling a well.




3-5 Days



Course Objective

This course aims to provide participants with a deep understanding of each stage of the well life cycle, the factors that influence decisions, and their role in the overall process. The course is structured to help participants plan and execute their work more efficiently, integrate into their teams, and become valuable contributors to their organisations.

Learning Outcome

At the end of this course, participants will have a solid understanding of:
• Well Life Cycle and Timeline
• Well Design
• Geology fundamentals
• Rigs Types and Selection
• Rig Layout and Equipment and use
• Operation Sequence
• Bits type features and applications
• Drillstring Components and Design
• Drilling fluid and properties
• Circulating System
• Drilled solids management
• Casing design
• Cementing
• BOP and Well Control
• Basic Deep-Water Drilling
• Directional drilling and equipment
• MPD systems
• Well Evaluation
• Completion and Well Testing
• Well Intervention and Workover
• Economics
• Risk and Challenges
• Organisation and interactions with other disciplines
• Roles and Responsibilities
• Terminology and abbreviations
• Logistics
• Safety
• Nice to know, and next step


Less experienced offshore workers, those going offshore for the first time, and companies entering the oil industry. Petroleum and production engineers, completion engineers, geoscientists, managers, technical supervisors, service and support personnel, entry-level drilling engineers, drilling operations personnel, drilling office support staff, and service partners.



Soren Hartmann

Your Instructor

Soren Hartmann boasts an extensive career spanning over three decades in the oil and gas industry. His experience encompasses a broad spectrum of operations in various locations worldwide, from deepwater to ERD urban land. Soren’s comprehensive knowledge comes from his years of serving drilling contractors and subcontractors, leading him to a comprehensive understanding of the industry.

In the last ten years, Soren has held the Senior Drilling Performance Superintendent role where he was integral to designing and applying a framework to enhance customer operations during both planning and execution stages. His role entailed reviewing and optimising drilling programs and procedures. He is frequently solicited for his subject matter expertise.

He offers deep-water drilling, drilling technology, stuck pipe prevention, DWOP, and AAR training.

Soren holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark and an extension in Drilling from the University of Texas at Austin.

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Drilling Technology 1

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