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About Soren:

With over 30 years in the oil and gas industry, Soren has accumulated extensive experience and knowledge about the sector. He has worked as a senior drilling supervisor worldwide, leading complex deep-water, extended reach drilling and urban land operations. In addition, Soren has also worked for drilling contractors and subcontractors, giving him a thorough 360-degree understanding of the industry.

For more than 20 years, Soren has been responsible for developing and delivering both drilling courses and optimisation workshops, such as Deep Water Drilling, Drilling Technology, Stuck Pipe Prevention, DWOP and AAR, to operators and contractors, at major training centres worldwide and at the Technical University of Denmark, all with a continuous high score (+95%).

As a person, Soren enjoys solving complex business challenges through strategic thinking and an analytical approach. The key is to have fun and be passionate about the project. Soren has strong interpersonal and relationship-building skills based on non-negotiable values of ethics, integrity and authenticity.

Services Available:


  • Introduction to Oil and Gas
  • Introduction to Drilling
  • Drilling Technology I
  • Introduction to Deepwater Drilling
  • Deepwater Drilling Operation I
  • Stuck Pipe Prevention
  • Drill Well On Paper (DWOP) – Facilitator Training
  • After Action Review (AAR) – Facilitator Training


  • Drill Well On Paper (DWOP) – Planning and Facilitation
  • After Action Review (AAR) – Planning and Facilitation
  • Risk Assessment (Hazid) – Planning and Facilitation
  • Macondo Accident – How Can We Learn From It
  • Knowledge Management Specialist
  • Project – Leader/Manager/Supervisor

Work Experience:

  • Performance Optimisation Specialist - Drillconsult
  • Trainer - Drillconsult
  • Senior Drilling Supervisor & Project Manager - Drillconsult
  • IT Consultant/Lecturer in drilling and computers - Drillconsult
  • Senior Drilling Supervisor (Acona Consultant) - Equinor
  • Senior Drilling Supervisor (Acona Consultant) - BP Norway
  • Company Representative, (Consultant) - Challenger Minerals Ltd
  • Senior Drilling Supervisor (Consultant) - TOTAL
  • Senior Drilling Supervisor (Consultant) - ChevronTexaco
  • Field Engineer - Welltec
  • Senior Drilling Supervision (Consultant) - Petronas
  • Senior Drilling Supervisor (Consultant) - Statoil
  • Drilling Supervisor (Consultant) - Hess Corporation
  • Drilling Supervisor (Consultant) - Hess
  • Drilling Engineer - Baker Hughes Inteq
  • Rig Manger Trainee Program / Rig Engineer - Transocean
  • Wireline Logging Engineer - Schlumberger
  • Senior Performance Drilling Superintendent - Maersk Drilling
  • Senior Project Manager - Maersk Drilling
  • Senior Drilling Supervisor (Acona Consultant) - Lundin Energy Norway
  • Senior Drilling Supervisor (Acona Consultant) - ENI Norway
  • Senior Drilling Supervisor (Acona Consultant) - Shell
  • Senior Drilling Supervisor (Consultant) - Shell (NAM)
  • Drilling Engineer & IT Programmer (Consultant) - ChevronTexaco
  • Field Engineer (Consultant) - Welltec
  • Senior Drilling Supervisor Engineer (Consultant) - Marathon Oil
  • Senior Drilling Supervisor (Consultant) - Eni
  • Drilling Supervisor (Consultant) - ChevronTexaco
  • Drilling Engineering and IT Programmer - ChevronTexaco
  • Drilling Engineer & Instructor - Welltec
  • Senior Drilling Supervisor (Consultant) - TOTAL
  • Drilling Engineer (Consultant) - Shell (Expro)
  • Drilling Engineer & Drilling Supervisor Trainee - Maersk Oil

Find out how Soren can help your company.

Soren has a long proven track record in building and leading teams that deliver strong results while maintaining a continuous high engagement score. This is achieved by setting the context and creating a strong purpose for the team. Soren’s business leadership is characterised by a growth mindset focused on curiosity, strategic thinking, accountability, and building strong teams with a One-Team mindset.

As an individual, Soren is driven by a passion for solving complex business challenges through strategic thinking and an analytical approach. He is motivated to make things happen and bring my ideas to fruition. Soren has strong interpersonal skills built on ethics, integrity, and authenticity. His leadership style is centered on growth and collaboration, and Soren has a proven track record of leading high-performing teams with a one-team mindset.

Soren holds a degree in mechanical engineering from the Technical University of Denmark, an extension in drilling from the University of Texas at Austin, and is a certified Lean & Sigma Six Black Belt. He is a board member of the Danish Society of Engineers Business & Leadership and the Society of Petroleum Engineers, further strengthening his background in delivering training programs.

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