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Scott  Carr

Performance Coach and Trainer

… Currently working with Relentless Pursuit of Perfection Ltd (rp-squared). rp-squared is an established Oil and Gas Drilling Performance Consultancy whose purpose is to consistently challenge teams, helping them to deliver exceptional results.

Scott uses his multi-disciplinary and wide ranging industrial experience to further challenge the accepted norms within this industry.

Scott has over 30 years of experience in blue chip/FT100 companies.

  Strong points from Scott’s CV include the following:
• Experienced across the full range of disciplines in a Engineering Industries.
• Experienced in change management, startup and closure.
• Exceptional knowledge of HSE, including building and maintaining High Reliability Organisations.
• Experience of M & A
• Originally schooled in the rigorous discipline of Operations.
• Engineering First degree from Imperial College and an MBA from Warwick University.
• International Experience
• A proven track record of success
• Thorough understanding of Oil & Gas, Automotive, Metals Extraction, Steelmaking, Aerospace and Construction
• Has managed in excess of 2000 people, £500M turnover, contracts up to £100M

Specialties: Lean thinking and Change Management, HSE, General Management, Operations Management, Change Management. Start up or business rationalisation.

  A highly effective strategic and practical facilitator

“Scott is a highly effective strategic and practical facilitator who supports businesses to achieve specific outcomes to add value. His personal background, experience and range of expertise is significant and provides a solid foundation from which to support clients to address and achieve their required outcomes in key business areas.”

Graham Setter
Jason Lavis

I respect the agility that Scott has displayed...

I respect the agility that Scott has displayed in pivoting from the metals and manufacturing industry to his oil and gas training and consulting role.

He has shown a positive attitude, and complete willingness to make drillers.com a major success. He is more than happy to take the bull by the horns and put in the required effort to master a new set of skills.

Scott is a multi-discipline LEAN manufacturing and process specialist...

Much of Scott’s experience has been in low margin high volume heavy engineering environments. This environment demands extremely high levels of process efficiency to manage cost and working capital. The cost of a component in a car is measured in cents.

These industries also carry high risk regarding Quality, Health, Safety and Environment.

Through his 30 years in these industries Scott has focussed on reducing costs, working capital AND maintaining high standards of Customer Service (delivery performance). Industrial Sectors experience is Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Oil and Gas and Precision Tools.

Case Study 1: Steel Sheet Manufacture, UK

· Steelworks producing 1.2MT of steel sheet for automotive and construction to an EU Customer Base.

· Customers included Nissan, Toyota and other automotive manufacturers.

· Reduced working capital from 180,000T to 80,000T.

· Improved delivery to time from ~65% to 98% for Painted Steels.

o At the same time increased output from 2500T/week to 4200T/week

o Reduced Customer Order lead time from 12 weeks to 1 week.

· Hot dip Galvanising lines maintenance stops reduced from 16 hours every two weeks to 8 hours every three months.

o Lines ran 365 days a year and averaged up time of 157 out of 168 hours a week, including annual stops.

· Reduced manning from 2000 people to 1200 for the same throughput

· Reduced fixed costs by average 3% per year

Case Study 2: 2011-2012 Steel Roof Tile Manufacturer, Belgium

· Manufacturing roof tiles for markets across the EU and Russia. In severe difficulty as a result of a major factory expansion.

· Losing Customer base through late delivery and poor quality whilst making a loss.

· Established the principle that we would deliver to any Customer anywhere in EU within 7 days of Order Receipt.

· Within 2 months created and stocked a European Distribution Centre to insulate the Customer whilst the factory was stabilised.

· Within a 6 month period reduced late deliveries from 60% to 2 parts out of 1000.

· Introduced new ERP system (Movex, similar to SAP) to manage order entry to invoice process. Through mapping the process stock was reduced from 2 months stock to 2 weeks stock.

· Customer Complaint levels were not known on commencement of the project however we were losing Customers. Within 6 months we were closing complaints within an average of 2 weeks. Level of complaints was on average 1 per week.

Case Study 3: 2009-2010 Plastic Sheet Extrusion, Slovakia

· Factory relocated from Denmark to Slovakia. Customer base was EU wide.

· Project had been viewed as being an Engineering project.

· Danish Sales and Logistics Organisation had not bought into the move, Local workforce had been insufficiently trained. There was a significant cultural battle preventing the Organisation from focussing on the Customer.

· Mapped the complete business process from order entry in Denmark to despatch from Slovakia.

· Reconfigured the ERP system (SAP) to allow visibility of all orders stock supplies etc.

· Created an environment where Slovakians and Danish parties focused on Customer satisfaction.

· Reduced stock from 3 months to 3 weeks

· Improved late deliveries from 50% to 2 % over 6 months

· Resolved serious technical issues with the new extrusion machines that were corroding. Each die was valued at $500,000

· All the above was done in a multi-language, multi-cultural environment.

Case Study 4: 2013 The Aluminium Powder Comany, UK and Poland

· Manufacturing Aluminium powder for use as fuel for space rockets and cruise missiles, automotive silver paint and 3D printing and other.

· Reduced working capital by 50 days to from 20 days to -30 days through stock reduction, shorter lead times and supply chain realignment.

· Trebled EBITDA $658K to $2M between 2012 and 2013.

· Identified hard synergies to drive EBITDA to $6M over the next two years.

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