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Eric Roth

Owner & Managing Director

About Eric

Eric has worked in project & operational roles for service companies, rig contractors, and major Oil & Gas and integrated Energy companies in every region, both onshore and offshore, integrating a diverse range of experience. Eric provides advice, consulting, and leadership on Drilling, Completions, Wells, & Interventions QA/HSSE and Operational Integrity issues across the lifecycle of drilling and wells projects. He also specializes in complex and special projects.

Eric is a great leaderwith an excellent technical knowledge of drilling and well operations. He is highly effective at leading rig contractors to achieve both operations and safety excellence.


He is held in the highest regard by the upper management of the wells division of our client hence his recommendation. He has been re-assigned consistently to a number of global operations, each time excelling in his role capacity.



Within your organization, every purchase, plan, or project is done strategically, right? From the tender, to the plan, to the purchase of supplies and services, you have experts in place at every stage, right? Of course!

Then why would you go to an outside firm who aren’t energy/oil and gas experts in order to source manpower?

The people are the most important part of a project. Manpower needs to be sourced, filtered, checked and presented by experts, people who know the job as well as you do. S-energy Consultants are one of a wave of technical recruiters who will revolutionize the way that the energy industry sources staff. Strategic Manpower is the best way of putting a team together, one day it will probably be the only way…

At S-energy Consultants, our name outlines how we believe consulting solutions should be provided – As simply as possible, while at the same time (and as required) using the synergies and strengths of alliances + partnerships to create a more effective, and relevant, outcome.

We are focused, with the Energy and Oil & Gas industries as the core of our business. Many people know a variation of the axiom “if you try to stand for everything, you essentially stand for nothing…” This holds true for the business world as well, as none of us can be all things to all people.

Vision and Mission:

We are building a new kind of enterprise – a step change within the Energy Industry – one which has, at its core, a few guiding principles that drive all decisions regarding how we operate and makes up our culture:

… Our consultants, partners, alliances, and employees are composed of only what can be considered roughly the top 20 percent of the global elite at what they do. The best is separated from the rest. This is one of our founding principles.

… We believe collaboration is much more important than competition. This means we don’t aggressively compete for work, and we do not pursue projects solely for the aim of profit or short term gain. So if you need a service we cannot or will not provide, we will either kindly opt out, or gladly refer one of our trusted partners or alliances for it.

… Our long term strategy is to be the worlds most philanthropic energy consulting, engineering, and services organization. Because of this, 20 percent of all profits from our group of companies will be donated towards trusted charity causes that are relevant in some way to our industry – either by way of contribution or benefit to society.

Integrity / Excellence / Generosity / Collaboration / Synergy

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