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​Fiona Webster 

​Sales, Marketing, Recruitment & Administrative Expert


Fiona is able to perform a wide range of administrative services to the Oil and Gas industry. She is available on a part time and/or contractual basis for tasks including, but not limited to:

– Maintenance of weekly or monthly business planners.
– Maintenance of contacts on your CRM.
– Design and edit of corporate videos & video testimonials using software such as Adobe Premier Elements 14, PowerPoint and Prezi.
– Maintenance and promotion of social media accounts – including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
– Update Website Blog with content – Using any website with an editor or control panel such as Wordpress.
– Assist with the planning and updating of company website using Wordpress and various Wordpress plugins.
– Design and distribute Newsletters using software such as Aweber or Mailchimp.
– General administration – Powerpoint presentations, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, CV formatting.
– Organise and coordinate event planning such as Workshops and Drilling Conferences.
– Assist with Technical Minutes for Meeting and Seminars.


Experienced in sales, marketing, recruitment & admin support with over 25 years supporting oil related companies across the globe.

Highly resourceful, hardworking and dedicated professional with excellent organisations skills and with the ability to communicate at all levels. Friendly outgoing nature who enjoys helping others. Self- starter, who is quick to grasp new ideas and concepts. Proactive problem solver always striving for perfection and efficiency and someone who likes to learn something new every day!

Get in touch to check future availability. Fiona is usually able to take on additional part-time employment and fully set up to work from home. Contact if you need someone to lighten your admin burden and you want the flexibility to hire someone that can work remotely.

 In addition to the services listed above, Fiona is a quick learner. Over the last 25 years in the Oil and Gas industry, she has been asked to handle a multitude of administrative, marketing, sales and HR tasks. For example:

Development and marketing open course programmes.

Assisted delegates with registering on courses and dealt with any follow up queries.

Handled all communications with prospective delegates on open courses and to follow-up with delegates who have attended courses on a regular basis to make sure they are satisfied with the courses they have attended.

Developed customer relationships, providing a quality service to new and existing customers.

Arranged all travel requirements for all trainers travelling from the UK to courses held in the UK and overseas this consisting of flights, hotels, hire cars and accommodation.

Produced all training materials, manuals, certification, name cards, evaluation forms for all training courses based in the UK, Europe.

Arranged set-up of all training materials and equipment for courses held at training centres.

Organised shipment of simulator equipment and training materials for courses held externally.

Manage and coordinate external course venues.

Maintain training centres and manage catering and cleaning staff.

Processed and maintained open course bookings for the UK.

Dealt with delegate queries and assist with travel or accommodation bookings.

Arranged recruitment adverts for internal company trainers.

Promoting training courses through various media tools ie. LinkedIn, Twitter

Maintained all IT equipment and training simulator equipment.

Monitored all costs related to logistics and training centre.

This list illustrates Fiona’s flexibility and width of industry knowledge. She can help to fill in any gaps in your admin, sales, marketing or event planning structure. Few tasks are too challenging, or ‘beneath’ her!

 George Maitland

 Senior Advisor (Upstream Strategic, Technoical & Commercial) - Calash Ltd.


​I have known and worked with Fiona over the past 15 years during my employment with Petroleum Engineering Services Ltd as Marketing/Operations Director and Oilfield Production Support as Commercial Director.

From joining PES in 1990 as an Administration Assistant, Fiona demonstrated a great appetite and capacity for learning, quickly mastering new functions, systems and techniques. As her capability was recognised, she progressed through various departments, including Service, Engineering, Production and latterly, Finance where she had sole responsibility for the monitoring and tracking of PES manufacturing costs.

 Steve Devereux 

 Drilling Expert & Drilling Legal Services


​Fiona is a fantastic asset for any company using her. She's hard working, diligent, works smart, knows more about using social media than I'm likely to. I'm happy to recommend her and can be contacted if necessary to verify this recommendation.

​​Find out how Fiona can help your company.

There are times when we all need a bit of extra support, whether from a personal or company perspective. You might need temporary assistance for a particular project, or in a specialist area.

When searching for administrative, sales or marketing positions, the majority of applicants won't understand the Oil and Gas industry. This is especially the case for short term, 'on-demand' job contracts.

With 25 years of oil and gas focussed support roles, Fiona Webster can offer you the best of both worlds - experience and flexibility!

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