Well Integrity Management

2018-04-02 - 2018-04-05 All day
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About This Course

Conditionally accredited by IADC, this intensive four-day course is designed to provide participants with a thorough knowledge of well integrity management and risk assessment in producing assets. Based on the regulatory requirements and using real examples and exercises from around the world, this represents best practice integrity management within the oil and gas industry.

When to take action with a well is a critical decision, both from a safety and economic perspective. A consistent approach to decision-making provides certainty within the organisation, focusing effort, and spending wisely. The decision-making steps will be set out to ensure all critical aspects are captured consistently. Risk analysis approaches used by different organisations and examples of risk management and risk-ranking methods will be discussed.

Why You Should Attend

To enable participants to understand the well integrity management principles and risk management processes that have to be applied for assurance of well integrity within a hydrocarbon production environment.

  • Define the building blocks of a successful well integrity management programme, annulus pressure management, the equipment items, their performance standards, field data collection requirements, and methodology for data analysis
  • Demonstrate the benefits of risk analysis, and share methods applied across the industry
  • Develop an approach to risk management
  • Understand the New ISO Standard
  • How do we “Make Wells Safer”. Learn about emerging technologies for well integrity problem diagnosis and new techniques tried for well repair
  • Define the basic elements of well integrity management training for field operators
  • Focus on well design elements that enhance or hinder well integrity status definition during the operating phase of the well life-cycle
  • Illustrate the demonstrable benefits of well integrity management from field experience

Who Should Attend

Invaluable for production, operations, and integrity professionals involved in implementing and managing well integrity, and seeking to improve performance. It is also essential for those who need to develop and implement such systems, or who have a general need to know and understand more about well integrity management. The course will also provide a fresh approach for senior professionals and managers.

Designed for professionals in the oil and gas industry who are involved in the design, construction and operation of wells from the following disciplines:

  • Production Maintenance
  • Production Operations
  • Drilling Engineering
  • Safety engineering
  • Well Intervention
  • Well Integrity Engineering
  • Asset Management

What You Will Learn

  • Well integrity management fundamentals
  • Risk assessment and control
  • Well integrity and production risk management
  • Well integrity and flow assurance risks
  • Overview of new ISO standard for well integrity
  • Exercise based on actual case studies
  • Operational well integrity issues & risks
  • Recovery, suspension or abandonment
  • The importance of jip’s and the management of information competency of well integrity professionals
  • Exercises/discussions on actual cases
  • “Making wells safer”

About the Trainer

Gordon Duncan

Gordon has over 37 years of oilfield experience specializing in Technical and Commercial Operations in Drilling, Completions & Well Services professional with both IOC’s & various service companies, just to name a few, include Shell EP International, Santos, Petro-Canada, Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) and BP. He is currently the Technical Director for PetroEdge. To date, he has taken on several training instructor assignments around the world including Malaysia, Spain, Thailand, Brazil, the UAE, Iraq, Iran & Indonesia as well as Australia. He currently delivers training on Completions Fundamentals for BP Well Site Leaders of the Future and the Chevron “Horizon Programme to Trainee Drill Site Managers”. This programme has spanned over 18 courses delivered in Houston, Baku, Duri, Bangkok, Aberdeen & Perth. Selection of training courses directly involved are: – Completion: Equipment, Applications, Types and Applications ; Rigless Interventions, Slickline, Wireline, Hydraulic Workovers and Associated New Technologies; Well Integrity Management which is Accredited by IADC; Advanced Well Integrity Management; Deepwater Completions; Completions and Well Interventions related to Drilling, Completions and Workover Operations; Introduction to Exploration & Production, Wellsite Leadership; Well Interventions; Well Completions Design; Petroleum Engineer for Non Petroleum Engineer and Advance Intergrated Production System. During his career, he has also been actively involved in the preparation of Management Systems, Operating Procedures, Operations Manuals, peer reviews of legislation for ISO & BSEE. All of these documents require both a technical knowledge and the ability to transfer this knowledge into the written word.


Course fees:   EARLY BIRD  SGD 4,319.00   FEE  4,519.00


For further details or to register please visithttps://www.petroedgeasia.net/course/Well-Integrity-Management

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