Production Technology For Other Disciplines

2018-04-23 - 2018-04-25 All day
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About This Course

The Production Technology (PT) discipline is responsible for the conceptual design and maintenance of oil & gas wells, its completion, performance and integrity over the entire life cycle. This discipline is part of the Production Engineering (PE) function such as Reservoir Engineering, Well Engineering, Surface Engineering and Production Operations. Production Technologists play a unique and vital role in the interface and co-ordination within this multidisciplinary PE function. Production technologists are involved in a wide number of processes throughout the complete life-cycle of a well. Their tasks are focused on maximising short-term production and long-term recovery from the assets.

Why You Should Attend

This course covers a general introduction to two aspects of the Production Technology discipline:

  1. The technical aspects such as reservoir drive mechanisms, drilling methods, well and completion types, hydrocarbon in- and outflow performance, formation damage and cleaning mechanisms, well life-cycle, production surveillance, production chemistry and the latest state of the art technologies.
  2. The organizational aspects of the roles and responsibilities in the interface and co-ordination of the multidisciplinary functional Petroleum Engineering environment.

This course is aimed at gaining a better understanding and appreciation of the Production Technology discipline to achieve better inter-departmental or functional co-operation.

Who Should Attend

Reservoir engineers, geologists, petrophysicists, production programmers, production chemists, process and facility engineers, well engineers, and any discipline who interface with production technologists but also those who want to learn more about the discipline of Production Technology.

What You Will Learn

After completion of the course, participants will:

1. Understand and appreciate how and why Production Technologists:

ـ Execute their roles and responsibilities in E&P’s Business Process Model

ـ Design wells and their completions, including gravelpack, perforations, artificial lift systems

ـ Establish the inflow and outflow performance

ـ Optimise production performance, including well intervention, stimulation, fracking

2. Understand the terminology and jargon used in Production Technology to improve communication and understanding within inter-disciplined teams.

About the Trainer

Victor Wegener has a degree in Applied Physics and started his career with Shell in 1981 where he was trained as a Production Technologist. He gained experience in Shell’s operating companies of Brunei, New Zealand and in Shell’s R&D laboratory in The Netherlands. His Responsibilities involved the design and drilling of wells, the maintenance of their integrity and the optimization of producing fields. Towards 1995 he became more and more involved in organisational issues and Information Technology. From 2005 till 2008 he was in Shell’s Smart Fields team where he was responsible for organising courses in Shell’s training centre. These courses were related to high tech innovation in production optimisation with emphasis on ‘smart’ wells. During the last few years he been given several courses on Production Technology for Other Disciplines.

Course Fee:  EARLY BIRD SGD 3,684.00   FEE SGD 3,884.00

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