Managing Wellsite Operations

2017-12-18 - 2017-12-22 All day
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Address: Amsterdam, Netherlands

About This Course

The main targets of this training course are to have participants familiar with the most frequent wellsite operations including well test, open and cased-hole logs and coring. The course will discuss the different tools, concepts and basic interpretation of the data collected from each tool. The problems and troubleshooting for each tool and how to overcome these problems will be discussed. The well integrity and the safety rules on the rig will be highlighted.

Who Should Attend

Well site engineers, production engineers, Operators and Technicians, as well as Operation staff working on the wellsite and need to know more about the different operations taken place at the wellsite and how to better run them.

What you Will Learn

 Refreshment on Petroleum System

 Well Site Operations

 Refreshment on Drilling techniques

 Wellsite Operation in Safety environment

 Well Integrity

 Coring and Core Analysis

– Coring Techniques

– Coring measurements

 Logging Operations

– Open-Hole Log

– Cased Hole Logs

– Measurement while drilling

– Logging While Drilling

– Trouble Shooting

 Well Test Operation

– Concept of Well Test

– Types of well test

– Pressure transient analysis

– Trouble shooting

 Completion and workover Operations

 Open Discussion

About the trainer:

 Dr. Mohamed Salah Abou Sayed

Dr. Abou Sayed has 35 years of experience in the industry with international oil companies including British Petroleum, Gulf Canada, Halliburton, RC_Squared and Veritas Exploration.

He holds a Master’s degree in basin analysis and a PhD. in reservoir characterization and field development. He is also the recipient of two post-Doc fellowships in geostatistics and reservoir engineering from University of Dalhousie (Nova Scotia) and Windsor, Ontario, Canada, respectively.

Dr. Abou Sayed had worked as a technical advisor for Landmark (Austin, TX), RC_Squared (Denver) and Veritas (UK & Abu Dhabi) in the fields of regional studies, reservoir characterization and modeling and was involved in several reservoir studies. His expertise is international in scope with geographic areas of experience including the North Sea, Egypt, Libya, Red Sea, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Angola, Iraq, Yemen, Sudan, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and United Arab Emirates.

During the last 15 years, he has taught both technical and non-technical courses for more than 2700 employees working for operating oil and gas companies all over the globe. Dr. Abou Sayed is an active member of the AAPG, SPE, CSPG and GSE. He has been selected as the Year Professional for inclusion in the International Professionals WHO’S WHO Historical Society in 2007 for his achievement in technology transfer in the Middle East and North Africa region. He won the international prize of the World Confederation of Businesses The BIZZ in 2014.

Course fee:      Early bird : SGD 5,000.00   FEE: SGD: 5,386.00

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