Advanced Production Logging, Cased Hole & Production Log Evaluation

About This Course

Learn from the internationally recognized “Guru” in cased hole logging, Dr James Smolen.

Why You Should Attend

Spread across five days, numerous log examples will be presented throughout this course for intensive class discussion.

Who Should Attend

Senior and experienced reservoir and production engineers and geologists, petrophysicists, log analysts and others involved in well surveillance, maximizing recovery, identifying production problems, or planning workover operations. Participants are required to have undergone prior basic training on this subject or have had extensive work experience in related topics discussed above.

What You Will Learn

By attending, you will be able to:

  • Locate water, oil, and gas entries from flowmeter/fluid ID and temperature surveys
  • Detect water movement inside/outside of pipe using oxygen activation
  • Understand heavy phase “fallback” in flows and select tools to minimize its effect
  • Know the problems of highly deviated/horizontal wells, how to log them, and what tools to use (coil tubing, tractoring, and the POLARIS, FSI, and MAPS tool strings)
  • Identify if formation environments are suitable for Sigma or C/O logs
  • Compute fluid saturations from pulsed neutron (Sigma and C/O) measurements
  • Determine whether zonal isolation is likely from all types of bond logs
  • Evaluate water, oil, and gas entry profiles from flowmeter/fluid ID and temperature


Course Fee:  EARLY BIRD SGD 5,993.95 FEE 6,193.95

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