5-day Advanced Casing Design Course

2018-04-09 - 2018-04-13 All day
Northstar Training Inc, Lafayette, Louisiana
Phone: (337) 269-1662
Address: 910 Harding St, Lafayette, LA 70503, USA


This Advanced Casing Design course is one of our most popular drilling courses.  It provides explanations and examples of all the aspects of oilfield tubular design.  Both uniform and non-uniform loading is covered.  Combination loading considerations are envisioned and design procedures are outline and practiced.

What You Will Learn

  • The basis for the published API tubular strengths.
  • How to design drive pipe to sustain a compressive load.
  • How to design conductor, intermediate, drilling liners, and production casing strings for burst, collapse and tension.
  • How to select couplings.
  • How to take biaxial and triaxial loading into account.
  • How to design for bending, point loading, ballooning, and buckling.
  • How to take wear into consideration.
  • How temperature reduces yields strength.
  • Recommended Sequence for Combination Considerations.
  • A complete integrated procedure for designing oilfield tubulars.

What You Will Take Away

  • Complete knowledge of tubular design.
  • Confidence that a casing string you design will stand up to practical applications.
  • Both a manual with notes and briefcase size casing operations book for reference.
  • Design considerations and applications for H2S, CO2 and High Cl individual and combine corrosion environment.
  • Software to make all pertinent Tubular related calculations and to aid total design.

Who Should Attend

Engineers and engineering aids involved in tubular design, as well as practical supervisors who want to understand the basis for the design of the tubulars being run in their wells.

Date:  April 9 – 13, 2018

Location:  Northstar Training, 910 Harding Street, Lafayette, LA 70503-2450, USA.

Tuition:  $3500 USD

To register, please call 337-269-1662, register on-line at www.northstartraininginc.com or forward an email [email protected] with the student name(s) and course(s). A copy of the current brochure can be found at the website under Drilling Courses.

Northstar Training is very excited to be able to continue to teach the Prentice Training Company Drilling Courses. The instructor, Calvin Barnhill, has known Charlie Prentice for the past 40 years, having taught and worked with Charlie on multiple projects during that time. His goal is to offer the same quality courses created and taught by Charlie and to continue Charlie’s goal of offering the best training in the drilling industry.

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