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EarthResPro publishes content targeted towards internationally mobile energy professionals. Ordered by facility and country based categories such as safety, health, and cost of living.

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Steve Hauxwell

Founder & Managing Director

About Steve

With more than thirty years of experience in the upstream oil and gas industry across the globe, Steve knows exactly what is needed for each job role. After experiencing the frustrations of dealing with recruiters who don't understand the industry, he decided to create a service that gets everything right. Steve is now fulfilling his dream of creating a new way of recruiting based on technical expertise and attention to every last detail.

Steve is a detailed engineer who thoroughly investigates to ensure correct action is taken.

John Hammond

QA/QC Specialist

Company Overview:

Earth Resource Professionals Pte Ltd (EARTHRESPRO) is a pioneering and bespoke global natural resource information and advisory service. EARTHRESPRO is committed to Removing boundaries in the global contingent labour market through critical knowledge sharing.

Founded on the principles of responsibility, respect, honesty and fairness. EARTHRESPRO is committed to harnessing the full power of the Internet to reach out globally, yet apply a personal touch whenever they can. The core team at Natural Resource Professionals Pte Limited provides genuine know-how derived from an extensive heritage of relevant industry experience.

By joining forces with a portfolio of like-minded, globally respected oilfield companies, EARTHRESPRO can deliver unrivaled expertise. Their platform approach offers two decades of online travel and expatriate experience, which to our best knowledge eclipses all other online oil and gas contingent labour advisories.

By providing a service based exclusively on the highest levels of integrity, EARTHRESPRO aims to create long-lasting relationships with the people who they serve and the companies with who they do business with. At Natural Resource Professionals Pte Limited (EARTHRESPRO), firmly believes that raising the entry bar across the entire supply chain will enable the industry to succeed in driving down operating costs.


Natural Resource Advisors, Executive Search, Business Traveller Advisors, SME networking, Bespoke Skill Pool Management.

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Steve Hauxwell


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