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Argyle Petroleum is a specialist training & services company. They are committed to providing high quality and cost effective geomechanics, well engineering and production optimisation services for their clients. Offering both public and in-house training for most of their services.

'Produce at a lower cost per barrel, drill and complete more safely, on time and on budget'

Rig and Oilfield Surveys,

Asset & Operational

Integrity, Emergency and

Project Management.

Company Overview:

Argyle Petroleum is a production optimisation and geomechanics services firm based in Lagos, Nigeria. The company’s primary value proposition is to help clients to maximise their assets and reduce costs. Argyle Petroleum offers bespoke services to companies of all sizes ranging from marginal field operators to independents and supermajors.

As niche specialists, the company has a focus on attracting and retaining top talent. This enables the delivery of world-class and highly applicable solutions for each clients’ needs. With an emphasis on dynamic teamwork, the specialists at Argyle Petroleum listen carefully, and quickly integrate with your organisation. This enables them to start adding value from the beginning.

The Management Team:

Dr. Mayowa Afe


M.D of Danvic Concepts International Nigeria. Chairman, board of trustees of McPherson University in Nigeria. Current President Oil and Gas Trainers Association of Nigeria (OGTAN). Advisory Board of Africa Oil week. Ex Country Manager for Paradigm Geophysical Nigeria. Ex President & Fellow of Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists (FNAPE). 

Opeyemi Ibukun


Publicity Secretary for the Nigeria Association of Petroleum Explorationist (NAPE), UK/Europe. Ex Technical Manager of Innovative Engineering in Edinburgh. Managing projects and supporting with sales and business development. Published papers on wellbore stability prediction, water injection, thermal induced fracturing, sand production and well surveillance. 

Dr. Tolulope Ibukun


Holds a B.Sc (First Class) in Economics from Crawford University, M.Sc (Distinction) in Economics and Ph.D in Economics from University of Leeds, UK. During her research, she won the Horvat-Vanek Prize, jointly with a French researcher, at the 17th World Congress of the International Association for the Economics of Participation (IAFEP).

Available Services:
Depending on your job role, and list of responsibilities, you’ll have a set of core tasks to complete. In addition, there's a number of peripheral duties that need to be done. If you were to list out every distinct service and value-add that you provide for your company, the number of items might surprise you.

There’s no-one more qualified or reliable in your organisation to carry out these things. It’s why they were assigned to you! How well can you accomplish each individual task? As well as anyone in the world... The problem is that being spread so thin, across so many duties, you sacrifice diligence and attention. Thats only human.

Imagine if you only had one job to do... Just one goal, you’d be the best in the world wouldn’t you? Multitasking and attention stretched competitors couldn’t compete with your laser targeted focus could they? This philosophy forms the spirit of Argyle Petroleum. They have a hyper focus on a narrow set of objectives.

Production optimisation and geomechanics also happen to offer scalability and leverage. You can be sure that you'll be dealing with the best, it’s what the specialists at Argyle Petroleum are known for. 

Argyle Petroleum provides carefully designed and well-executed studies. Her reports are geared towards the end user. Opeyemi Ibukun, the Managing Director is also the Publicity Secretary of Nigerian Association of Petroleum Engineers (NAPE) UK/Europe’s Chapter. He has an excellent knowledge of Geomechanics and its applications in drilling, completion and production operations. He also have great flairs for details" - 

Dr. Abimbola Durogbitan, NAPE UK/Europe’s Chapter Coordinator

Last year, we were looking for a company, whose ideals and values align with ours to support the sales and delivery of our services in Sub-saharan Africa. Argyle Petroleum was the right choice after performing our due diligence on the company. The managing director has made the company a process-driven organisation. We have also chosen her to provide Geomechanics solutions to support our clients in their drilling and completion operations.

Régis Studer, Managing Director,  Drillscan Europe

I know the managing director of Argyle Petroleum Nigeria, when we were both on the technical advisory group of Sand Management Network. He, through his previous employer, delivered a sand failure prediction study for Flyndre field, which helped us to make the right production optimisation decisions and ultimately led to significant cost savings on the field. Opeyemi is very knowledgeable and prudent in his work and comes highly recommended.

Hope Okhuoya, Senior Production Technologist, MAERSK OIL

Published Papers Co-Authored by Opeyemi Ibukun
  • O. Ibukun and J. Tovar. 2016. An inflow approach to reliable sand production prediction. Presented at SMN 7th Sand management Euroforum on the 31 March, 2016.
  • O. Ibukun and J. Tovar. 2015. Sand Control and Management Strategies for Water Injectors in Sand injectites SMN September Technology Forum.
  • O. Ibukun, F. Chalmers, K. Katoozi, B. Mokdad, J. Tovar., N. Heinemann. 2015. Reservoir Permeability Evolution in Sand Producing Wells SPE Nigeria Annual International Conference and Exhibition, 4-6 August, 2015.
  • Paperclip
    J. Tovar and O. Ibukun. 2015. Bridging the Gap between Predictions and Reality for Sand Production Prediction SMN March Technology Forum.
  • Paperclip
    F. Chalmers; K. Katoozi; B. Mokdad; J. Tovar; S. Jimoh; and O. Ibukun; 2014. Reservoir permeability evolution in sand producing wells SPE Sand Management Forum Aberdeen, UK, 2014.
  • Paperclip
    J. Perdomo, F. Smith; V. Verlinden; K. McIntosh; J. Tovar, and O. Ibukun. 2013. Thermal fracturing in high and low permeability sandstone reservoirs in the North Sea First EAGE/SBGf Workshop on Fractures in Conventional and Unconventional Reservoirs.
Argyle Petroleum can offer you the most up to date advice and insights into what is a dynamic section of our industry. In the last ten years, we’ve seen exponential advances in technological innovations. Improved computing power and speed, big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence are having major impacts in the technology space of industries that harness these tools. 

Once up-to-date algorithms, techniques and solutions get integrated into your business model, you won’t go back. Step changes and improvements that have company wide implications help to give you the edge over your competition.

Efficiencies and cost savings in areas such as supply and logistics, or infrastructure, can keep shareholders happy... The latest advances in wellbore stability and geomechanics can be the difference between a new drilling record, or an abandoned well. Production optimisation techniques can be internalised and rolled out company-wide.

Topics such as enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and extended reach drilling (ERD) are on the minds of every well manager as we continue to push boundaries. Without the latest knowledge, careful planning and advanced computer modelling, your well plan will be suboptimal.

Contact Argyle Petroleum today to ask about their consulting and coaching packages. Find out how you can the maximise the upside of future projects, without any major downtime.

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